Restoring XR7G badges

Does anyone know what the actual background red color is on the G badges? Exterior color chips from that year have a Cardinal Red but it looks way too dark and quite different from the backgrounds I’m seeing on the repro trunk lock covers and wheel hub decals. Seems like it should match the color of the pin stripe, perhaps? The stripe is Ditzler 71243 which is actually a Ragoon Red, the same as the Mustang color in 65-66. All three of mine are nearly back to base metal. Thoughts?

Rangoon Red is right for the back ground fill. The XR7-G badges should be nickel plated only, not chrome.

This is what I’m starting out with … I suspect this will test my patience :wink:

The trunk lock cover and headlight badge are devoid of paint completely!!!

I will be very interested in your progress - please keep us informed.

Is having something nickel plated these days difficult/tricky?

  • Phillip

My intention is to restore them as-is, “survivors” so to speak. No media blasting, light paint stripping to get the residual out, a good buff and repaint. No wire wheel on these little babies. The plating is still very good with no scratches and a few tiny chips on a couple of the teeth. I’m one of those that isn’t a fan of letting perfection be the enemy of good :slight_smile:

No problem it is the second step in most chrome processes.

So, I finally received the paint from ColorRite. Attempt #1 will be regarded as a fail. :blush: Technique will be everything on this.
My main concern is whether this is really the right color. This is based on the background I’m seeing on the trunk cover and wheel cover inserts. Take a look and share your thoughts before I proceed. Thx

The right one installed in the trunk lock is a reproduction. The left one is NOS. Had the repo on the G for a few years until I found the NOS.