Revell Chrome Spray

Just a friendly FYI I thought I’d pass along:

Revell recently came out with a spray paint that is the best I’ve seen at creating a true chrome finish. It’s a little pricey, but I’ve used it a couple times so far on scale models and it works incredibly well. It’s not billed for automotive use, but it is a lacquer so might hold up OK. I wish they had this when I was working on my interior parts, I definitely would have used it on the cluster bezel and door panels.

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Do you have any pictures of the result?

Thanks for the tip. I omitted a lot of interior chrome and used paint instead due to not being able to replicate it well. The pen works ok for small stuff but would never work on the cluster. If this looks good it would be a nice option,

Speaking of models I used to use the foil to detail chrome sections. Looked great when complete but what a pita that was! This would have be nice back then

I haven’t sprayed much with it, but there are pics online where people spray full model car bodies with it, so I’m fairly confident it could lay down a nice finish on a part the size of an instrument cluster.

Could you clear coat it for additional protection?

A clearcoat over chrome might make it appear dull, would have to try it to be sure.

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