Reverse light sockets

What sort of socket should a 68 xr7 have for its reverse lights? Mine has the little 2 nubs

But i think it should have a single since they would be either on or off, not high or low.

I have 1156 base bulbs since thats what the service manual says. But the 1156s only have a single nub.


You need 1076. I have no idea “why” they are that way on '67 & '68, but they are - the 1970’s used 1156.

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True the 1076 is a double contact / single filament bulb. The glove box book is wrong on the bulb part number which has confused me in the past. The same bulb was used in the 65 - 68 Mustang.

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The bayonet lugs are opposed not stagered like a 1157 bulb

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Exactly. Obviously an 1157 won’t work. The manual does not call for one so why would anyone try that?

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Thank you all! One less thing to pull my hair out over.