Rotisserie and Body Work

So, the torque boxes, inner rockers and floors have been replaced in my 69 convertible.

I am going to be putting the car up on the rotisserie in the next week or so and I am wondering if I need to add any additional bracing when I cut out the rear quarter panels.

I will be cutting them out one at a time so I can use one for a reference while replacing the other. I plan on taking the doors off and I have already made braces to replace the doors.

How much of the quarter panel has to come off? If you are going up over the top toward the trunk or cutting all the way into the trunk floor I would definitely add some bracing. Too much bracing is better than not enough especially when putting the car on a rotisserie.

Thanks for the info. I will be cutting about 2" below the body line. The horizontal part that meets up with the trunk lid is staying in place.

I think a safer method would be to remove and weld in the quarter while it is supported on jack stands. Two jack stands in front at the torque box. Four in the rear with two at the front leaf spring eyelets and two at the rear leaf spring eyelets. After it is welded in place then put it on the rotisserie to finish up the welds and body work. Supporting the a car from two ends and cutting panels out expecting it to not move even with braces installed is a unnecessary risk in my book.

Brian that is what I plan to do with my Eliminator. A ton of sheet metal has to be cut out. Once the car is on the stands I’ll make measuring and alignment jigs to make sure the panels are aligned properly. There will be at least 8 jack stands under the car.

Antonio will you be replacing the inner wheel house or the trunk drop off? If so I’d go with Brian’s recommendation.

Brian and Paul,

Thanks for the feedback. The truck dropoffs will be replaced, the inner wheel houses looks like I can get away with a patch.