Rusty shock tower.

Hello everyone I am in the process of restoring my car. I am wire wheeling through the rust and I’m in need of some advice. In the picture there is this rusty spot on the bottom of the shock tower inside the wheel well. It is pitted but there are no holes. Is it welded to the frame rail on on the bottom part? It was full of dirt. It looked like there was seam sealer there at one point. Do I put seam sealer back when I am done? Do I cut out and replace the piece on the bottom about an inch high? Or do I run a bead of weld on the bottom? No cracks were found either. Thanks for the help.

One of the weakest parts of these cars are the shock towers. Lots of flex. Rust like that is never a good sign. It really depends on what you mean by restore. Is this one that is a rare combination? If it’s a run of the mill Cougar, sandblast it, run a mig bead along it and weld in reinforcement plates like the attachment. I made my own…I would also upgrade to a big block export brace as well

Thanks for the reply. This would be considered a run of the mill 68 Cougar with a 302 4 barrel and a c4. I’m not looking for the concourse restoration but I want the car to look right and most importantly be strong. Thanks for the suggestion I have already ordered the export brace along with the shock tower reinforcement plates along with the front cross member gusset reinforcement plates.

You should be fine with planned work. My 69 was in much worse shape pic below. After much rust removal, frame & tower repair all is good. The EEB and shock tower reinforcements made a noticeable difference.