Searching for a '69 Eliminator (from CL)

Spotted this yesterday while combing CL. Pic in the ad shows a Metallic Blue '69 Eliminator. Searcher says he posts on occasionally but he has no VIN to track via DMV or to give to Elim Registry.

I suggested he try a reverse VIN search with Martiauto, since he knows many various details about the car.

In case his ad expires eventually, here is his email and text of the ad for future reference.

Wanted: This 1969 Mercury Cougar - $1 (Richmond / Amelia)

I’m trying to locate a car and hoping someone who reads this can help. I know it’s a shot in the dark, but why not.

In 1969, my father bought a blue Mercury Cougar Eliminator from Whitten Bros in Richmond. He owned it for a short time, sold it to a lady in Richmond, who sold it back to us (my brother) several years later. My brother drove it throughout college, and sold it to a gentleman in Ameilia probably around 1981. I have been unable to locate the VIN and unable to get any help from DMV without it. The car has a lot of sentimental value; my first car was also a Cougar, both my brothers have owned them, and I’ve owned several since then. My father passed away many years ago, and I would love to track this car down and talk with the owner about it. The picture below was taken at our house when it was owned by my brother.

Any leads anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Jeff Bishop []

Exchanged an email with Jeff on his family Eliminator he’s trying to track down. FYI - he’s initiated a history request with Martiauto.
I’ve also updated the car details, below;

Looking for the Family Eliminator
'69 351(?) w/ auto. Metallic Blue, black interior, PS, PB. Unsure of other options. Originally sold from Whitten Bros in Richmond, VA. Contact Jeff Bishop if you have any info[]

It is likely that his dash pad has been removed and is covering the original dash plate.

Have seen it many times.

He’s trying to track down his dad’s old car.

What he means is that he can’t find any old paperwork that has the VIN on it, so he can’t track it through the DMV.