Seat Track Extenders--More Leg Room!!

Hi Guys,

I am making a fully machined set of seat track extenders for the '67-'70 Cougar (they also fit '65-'70 Mustangs) with a bucket seat. I have attached several pics of them by themselves as well during installation. The addition of these extenders will allow you to move the seat back slightly over 2". It also gives you a tiny bit more headroom as the further back the seat slides it brings you a little lower. They will fit '67-70 cars.

I’m offering them to list members for $79 plus shipping ($10-$16 depending where you live). I’d prefer PayPal but will take your check. I’ve tried to keep the costs down to a minimum for you guys but will need to up the price a bit when I sell them on Ebay to cover their new selling fees.

Please feel free to contact me for any other info. You can check my Ebay profile through my user name of rebel-racing (100% positive on over 350 transactions).


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Those look just like the ones I bought from North Coast Mustang a couple years ago. They sure make the Cougar a more comfortable driver for my large frame.

Do you still sell these. They look like they are made out of aluminum please email me at

They are steel. He still sells them on eBay.

Are these still avail or anybody know where I can find some?

They are available elsewhere but cost more. His look the same.
CJ Pony $119.99 Google searched for Mustang seat track extensions
They do have an installation video if you need it.

Thanks Tom!
Ordered and they are on the way.

Please let me know the link to the video for me and others looking at this post.

Thanks again!!

I wasn’t trying to undercut Rebel Racing as a source. His offering costs less.
The installation video is available directly from the initial link along with the pictures
It wouldn’t go directly to it. Check on the left side as the third picture.

The ones from cjpony have increased around $40 since I looked at sometime in the last year or so.

Hi there…are you still manufacturing these? I did not see any on eBay.


Joe V.

Yes I still make them. they are $91.00 each and $16.50 shipping anywhere in the US. 1 set does 1 seat. I am shipping out a set to TX on Monday and can have 1 out for you the same time. PayPal to: if/when you are ready. Thanks!!



Thanks Steve…sent!

Joe V.

Thanks Joe!! Will paint and ship out tomorrow.


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I’d be interested in a set also. I don’t use Paypal however. I’ll send you a PM for other options.

Thanks Steve…do you have any tracking info for those? Going to try to install them this weekend if they are here…thanks!

Joe V.

Thanks Steve…SO much nicer to drive now! Would highly recommend for anyone over 6’ tall!

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