Selling 1967 standard build car and 1968 parts car

I have in my garage two classic Cougars that I purchased as a father and son project. Like so many other people we were sidetracked by other things, lack of money, and not enough time. I need to sell the cars to make my wife happy and am willing to let them go at what I feel is a reasonable price. The build car is a 1967 Mercury Cougar Standard. It has new torque boxes and floor pans. Still needs rust on the lower rear quarters and under the rear window repaired. This car has an aftermarket front end with coil over shocks and rack and pinion steering. Also has been subframed and has a custom built rear end with Detroit locker. All four wheels have been upgraded to disc brakes. The 1968 is a Dan Gurney. I cut out a section of the right rear quarter to stitch in and repair a damaged area on the build car. I have two complete sets of interior, two complete car bodies (except for the area removed from the '68), extra hoods, extra trunk lid, and lots and lots of other parts. Some of the goodies in the extra parts include a tilt/swing steering column, new door handles, electronic control module for the rear tail lights, new radiator, and lots more that I have not listed. I also have the original 302 2v motor from the 1968. It has been disassembled for rebuild. The original C-4 transmission has been rebuilt and is in the garage as well. In all, I have receipts adding up to almost $10,000 worth of work. This car needs someone to finish it and make a mean machine. I will entertain reasonable offers or trades, but I would like to get around $6000 for EVERYTHING. It all goes with one price. You may email me at or call me at 816-803-6426.

Pictures and location would be most helpful.

The 816 area code lists it around Kansas City, Missouri.