Selling 67/68 parts at spring Carlisle

I Have a spot at spring Carlisle with some of my buddies, I’ll be bringing some of my 67/68 xr-7 parts. NK-57-59 I’ll try to make a list of what I’m bringing in the coming week…or let me know if your looking for something.

Bringing blue Door cards and rear seat filler panel. Also have a parts car that has a good roof/ disc brake spindles / doors shells are just ok.

Looking for front hood trim

I have a pair. They are just ok. They have some rock dings.
Does anyone redo these?

I’m in Orlando area code 32807 ; something would be better than nothing for now what do u want for them

How much for the door cards and rear seat fillers ?

I’m asking 1,000 at the swap meet for the blue xr-7 set. That includes most of the hardware, pull straps and arm rests. The 2 black xr-7 door panels I’m asking 400 for at the meet. I shipped 2 sets of rear panels. One set made it the other didnt… I’m not sure what shipping was when I sent a set to tripod in Pensacola…

How much for the hood trim

I was going to ask 50 for the 2

I am heading to Disney at the beginning of the month, gt I’m not sure if the

Yes I am interested; I’m close to Disney u can call me 321-303-3584

Hood trim only thank you much

Mike, The van is packed to the roof. I’m not going those trim peices they will not make it down in one peice…

Call me I’ll drive out and pay you ; and you can ship to me when u get home if your ok with that

You still in Florida; call me I’ll swing by you

Sorry early mornings and late nights….I’ve haven’t had any time to see what shipping would cost down here… text me tomorrow 201-314-0598. Hopefully it won’t be as hectic

All set up spots nk 58-59