Sequential signals

Hi All, sorry to start a new thread on this issue, but I’ve searched/read for hours and don’t see any input on my particular issue:

So my recently purchased '72 didn’t have properly functioning sequential signals…came to find previous owner had changed out ALL bulbs in the car to LED’s, but hadn’t upgraded any of the hardware in the trunk, so figured that was the issue.
I changed ALL bulbs back to old style 1157’s hoping that would solve the problem…yes and no…they “sort of” work now. The inner bulb flashes nice and bright, the middle bulb flashes about half-bright, but the outer bulb flashes so dimly I can only see it with the taillight lenses off. :think:
I can physically hear and feel all 4 relays working (seemingly in a sequence?) so I think they are OK, but wondering why I get three different levels of “brightness” from the 3 bulbs?
Any input/advice/help would be greatly appreciated. I really love this feature on these cars and would love to get it working properly. Thanx!!

Sometimes the diagrams and references leave more questions than answers. A way that I learned about the operation of the sequential lights on my 67 was take the distribution relay and sequential motor out and make the necessary adjustments with a continuity tester, a test light and a 9 volt battery. Not sure if this is any help.

Just post here and an expert will be along shortly to dial you in if you do not find the answer first.

I do know when I worked on mine when I was having issues. Mine was because I was doing my testing with the key on engine off. Once I started my car and tested it work. Wasn’t enough power in the battery when key was on and engine not running.