Shocks on '69 XR7CJ

Now that my engine compartment, engine, transmission, and interior are well on the way to being put back as original, I am wondering about what shocks came originally on the car. I am assuming they would be the same blue Autolites that came on the '69 Mustang CJs, correct?

The Autolites that came on my car were black

Fronts should be the same. Cougar rear shocks are longer than Mustang rear shocks.

Thanks guys. On the color, I had heard they were blue until early '69, like Feb-March. Mine is a mid Sept. '68 San Jose build.

From a judging perspective, shocks can be black or blue and be considered correct for all 67-70 Cougars.

Thanks, that’s what i needed to know. Were they also adjustable Autolite types, like the Shelbys had?

I know it says 69 but someone mentioned 68. I need new front shocks, they squeak at every turn and for all I know they could be originals lol. My question is do I need to change the springs as well or by changing the shocks should be enough? Also, can I do this myself because I’m planning to have possibly pepboys do it. I had them change the rear struts i beleive you call them, shocks to me lol. They convinced me to go with air, now im sceptical of my decision but havent had a problem thus far. Yet if I could do the fronts myself and save the money to get some better ones that would be great. Never tried before but I’m willing if special tools are not needed, I have basic tools. Thank you

James: More than likely the squeak you hear in the front end will be coming from the upper control arm bushings. You could install extended zerts and try to grease them, most likely they would need to be replaced. Or it could be the shocks.

WCCC has the kit for greasing the upper control arms.

My upper control are doesn’t have the grease fitting only lower. I need the shocks, feel like a boat when I step on it with the front real high springs need to be changed out as well or as lo g as they are still there they are OK like the leaf springs, maybe just harden them. I will spray some lube on upper control arm for now and see if it changes it, I want to buy a front suspension kit and change that all, in due time. Taking steps to get her back the way I had her lol

NO, they were H/D though

So does anyone have a source for modern rear shocks that are the correct length for Cougars?

Are the KYBs that Don sells at WCCC not correct?

Since WCCC lists them as being for both Mustang and Cougar (like KYB’s application info also states), I’d have to say no, not correct, shorter in length than what our cars came with originally.

Interesting, so you think that means they would not work OK on a Cougar if they also would fit a Mustang?


They DO work “OK”, I run them on my car (KYB GR2), they just are not the correct length (from what I understand and am trying to shed light on). And to be clear, we are talking about the rear shocks, the fronts are the same 'stang/Cougar.

OK, I understand, so being shorter they would make the rear end sag down lower then, compared to original stock? I have black shocks with exterior springs around them (they may be air adjustable too, not sure), they look like coil-overs, but they are not, just some HD shocks I suspect. I am wondering if the previous owner may have put them on to raise the rear ride height. I have been searching for correct '69 shocks all-round too, and have run into the same issue about the shorter length of the rears from the refurbished/restored originals I can find. Nobody seems to have the longer Cougar types available as original rebuilds, the others (Mustangs and Shelbys) are easily found. I am thinking of dropping a note to Don to see if he knows of anything, if he can’t find them, not sure anyone can. Good luck to us both.

I think the ride height would be okay given that the weight would put the shock somewhere along it’s travel as opposed to full extension. Rebound on bumps is where it might make a difference.

According to the MPC here are the numbers for 69 rear shocks.

Standard - C9WY-18125-A
Standard with 428CJ - C9WY-18125-B
Special handling & high performance package - C8WY-18125-A

I do not know where to tell you to find any but at least you have the part numbers.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Mine had similar shocks on the back ~ big old built in coil springs. I have a pic around here somewhere, but can’t find it right now.
My car also had traction bars installed, so I figured the PO had installed “drag shocks” on it as well. I replaced them with the Scott Drake repro’s from WCCC. Replaced the leaf springs at the same time (also from WCCC), but didn’t notice any change in rear end height :-/ Seemed saggy, and all the rubber was shot, so I thought a full rear rework would raise it back up, but nope! Ah well…