Show Car XR7 Upholstery

I had the pleasure of being hosted by Phil Parcells last week and got to see his cars along with #38. Phil has the original seats for his introductory show car that have different upholstery on the seat back from normal XR7’s. The seats in my car have what looks just like any other XR7 seat back, but there is a question as to whether mine are original. I’m hoping someone has seen one of the other show cars or has early literature on the GT-E that would show the interior well enough to determine what may be in them. At this point there is a possibility that all the show cars had this different upholstery or it may be just Phil’s car. I would like to be able to make that determination so my car can be put back to original.

The extra padding at the top of this seat back is different from the typical XR7 seat back

Reupholstered seat

Interesting question. There was a (Nordic?) blue GT-E show car produced that was on the other Cougar forum at least ten years ago. It had considerable rust thru and it was eventually sold. I believe it had parchment interior and was an XR7.

Match that criteria with the GT-E registrar list that Jim P maintains and see if you can contact the current owner.