Show us your wheels and tires!

How about folks posting side view pictures of their Cougars to show off the wheel and tire combination used? That would produce a gallery that members can look at to help select that all-important finishing touch! Include the model information on the wheel so folks who may not have seen it before know what it is.

For example:

Cragar SS 15x8 wheel with 225/60R15 BFG Radial T/A tires

Specialty Wheels 67-68 Cougar Styled Steel 15x8 full-chrome wheel with 225/60R15 BFG Radial T/A tires

Front: American Racing Torque Thrust II 17X7 with 4.50 backspace (custom ordered) and BFG G-Force 235/45/17

Rear: American Racing Torque Thrust II 18X10 with 4.75 backspace (custom ordered) and BFG Comp TA 295/45/18 (no longer available) including handmade mini-tub and air bags required.

I’m using P215/70R14 tires. For the 67 S code I have a set of steel styled wheels (drum brake) that I will be putting redline tires on. On the G we took off the Rader wheels to keep them safe for show use. We put on styled steel wheels for driving duty, also P215/70R14 tires.

Front: Foose Legend 17 x 8 - 4.5" backspacing with Nitto N555 Extreme 245/45-17
Rear: Foose Legend 17 x 9 - 5.25" backspacing with Nitto N555 Extreme 285/40-17

Repo 68 Style steel wheel 14" with original beauty ring and Goodyear F70 tire.

Old pic, but… stock 14" steel wheels with stock '68 standard hubcaps, sporting standard size whitewall tires. Aww yeah.

Subject to change…

A decent side shot but I know I have better.
15’s on GT500’s

When I got the vert, it came with the whitewall 70’s on 14 steel rims with the wire wheel hubcaps but I upgraded to the Keystone Klassics on BFG’s 235 60 15 all around :smoke:


Are those fake discs? I see no calipers.

This is a consideration when going with larger wheels, the brakes can look small/lost in the large space these wheel create. I was worried about this with my original disks/drums but they actually didn’t look bad. The Cobra brakes look much more at home of course.

Yea Bob, they are in there :laughing: painted black with the black centers of the keystones makes them not so obvious, and as you said with the larger wheel. If I was a road warrior maybe an upgrade, maybe in the future for a project. But as a weekend cruiser they are doing the job :smoke:

Thanks, everyone! This is already a nicely varied selection. Keep 'em coming!

LOL Mark, I meant the other Mark, Local Hero. Your car looks great BTW and like the Keystones too.

Guilty as charged. Real brakes are first on the list with the next rebuild for when Jr. turns 16.

No guilt in having priorities and sticking to them Mark! Car looks great regardless. Not to take the thread OT but what are you thinking of putting on? Big Wilwood, Brembo’s or something? Cobra OEM like I did? One of the big pluses (and minuses, depending on how you look at it) of big wheels is what you can put inside them. Doing Cobra OEM is not too expensive if you like to shop like I do. I’d say I did the entire job for around $1200 including the hydraulics.

17" American Racing Cobra 427’s
8’ in front
9.5" in rear

I have a good bit of experience with Wilwood from back in my circle track days. But I also have the step by step info from Steve using the Crown Vic or Grand Marquis stuff on the rears. Still have plenty of time to formulate the plan. Haven’t really narrowed it down much more than that.

Circle track? Do tell! I was the engine builder and part of the pit crew for a 3/8 mi. oval asphalt track sportsman car back in the day. We live close enough that if the wind is blowing the right way I can hear the modifieds roaring on the track on Saturday nights during the summer.

Bigrock2009 044 by badcattt,
`Reproduction 67 Mustang wheels 15/7 with 235 15 BFGs front 15/8 with 245 15 BFGs rear. Simple but different.

Thanks for the inquiry, but this thread is not the time or place without taking it too far off “track.” LOL

Some other time… promise.

Agreed. Thanks.