Site update issues need your input!

The new software we are looking at has many great features, drag and drop photo insertion, copy and paste photo insertion, even a like button.

I had hoped to make it allow you to carry over your current password.

However it also recommends that all users have a 10 character password. I feel your pain as it wants 15 characters for admins.

Is that a deal killer?

Keep in mind that if you for get it it can send you an email with a one time login link, and you will also be able to use Facebook Twitter and a few other logins as well.

Jay has worked long and hard to keep us hack free and this would be helpful to him to be able to sleep at night knowing that password won’t be any ones password…

We need your thoughts. The goal is simple. If the site is easier to use, more people will participate. I don’t want to lose a third of the members because you can’t type in 10 characters on your phone.

So please, how many characters are in your current password and is 10 too many. There may be a workaround but we need to know if it is worth the effort.

I use anywhere from 8-12 alphanumeric characters in my passwords, depending on the sensitivity of the type of site. But I also use LastPass to help me keep them straight.

Do whatever you need to do Bill. If someone feels the need to complain about a ten character password, do we really want those kind of people around here? :whistle:

I use what is basically a pass sentence for my banking, I think I’m using a 9 character pass word here now. So adding another is no big deal.

Since we have no way to know what passwords are actually in use this is very helpful.

I wonder if there is an option that would let us import current passwords so long as they meet the rule. In other words the only impacted folks would be those with really bad passwords to begin with.

My password is 9. I’ll have to add one character and it will break my naming convention, but it won’t make me leave!!


How do you like LastPass? I’ve tried it in the past - but just don’t really trust storing passwords in the cloud.

Sounds good to me.

I’ll adapt. Do what you need to do to make the site hack free.

My password isn’t that great. Having to change it certainly won’t make me leave. It will just force me to use a better one.

My current password is 8 characters. I will gladly change my password to a longer one if it gets me an easier way to post photos. And just for the record I do not use any type of mobile device to access the net, I only use a PC.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I have no problem changing to a 10 character password



All good. :joy::joy::joy:

Keeping all the great history and porting the boards over is probably most important!. As a newcomer it has been invaluable to search the forums for information already discussed and I thank you for that.

I have been using eight character alphanumeric passwords for some time, but many sites are asking for ten now. I’m sure I can come up with something I can remember. Maybe I’ll use Mike’s (lol).

I don’t see a problem, can it be more than 10?

I like it a lot. Right now, I’m storing passwords for over 150 websites. Some are duplicates that I haven’t cleaned out recently and some are ones that I visit only rarely. But even if you cut the number in half, that’s 75 sites for which I don’t have to remember a password. My master password is the only one I have to remember and, to make that easier, I used the construct of “something I know plus something I have” (the basis for RSA security tokens).

Since LastPass plugs into the browsers I use and has a mobile app, I always have access to my passwords. I’ve been using it for 6-7 years now as a premium user and have had no reason to be concerned about password security.

As long as it does not make you create a new password every 90days and not allow you to use the a previous password. I can create a 10 character password no problem just dont want to constantly have to update it.

I have one our sites for work that makes you create a new unique password every 45days and does not allow you to use a old password. Its a huge PITA. :wall:

Iphones have a nice feature with passwords that creates its own and logs it for future use so you dont have to remember it to login. Only issue is trying to use the crazy long password to login on a desk top.

Agree with DieselD. Stronger password is no big deal, but don’t want to be forced to change it every so many days. Appreciate all your work on this!

My work computer requires the same thing every 45 days and it drive me nuts.