So this is the kind of day it's going to be

I definitely think we need a “rant” category. Call it the “Steam Room” - Raining like Oregon today in Florida so I hit the detached garage for “clean-up” on some neglected “starts”. Had to drill out a 10-32 bolt had 3/32" bit in the cordless drill, set it down to go get a stronger pair of glasses (wonder if they sell 4x?), come back and kick over the drill snap. Alright, move along…using a wire drill set to clean out a nozzle (safer sitting down). Finish up and put the 20 piece wire drill index back in the drawer, shut the drawer - it catches the index and dumps all 20 microscopic bits out. At least they stayed in the drawer. Sheesh!

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Yeah, I’ve had those kind of days also. Best thing I found that works for me is to turn off the lights, shut the doors and go back inside. Put your feet up, cuddle up with your favorite pet (if you have one),turn on the TV and let it go. Tomorrow is another day and things like this can wait.

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Some days go down like dominos. It’s disheartening unless you are playing dominos, then you can be mad about the ones still standing right where you left them.

Now that’s an exercise in futility!