So who do we like for Steering Box Rebuilds?

I have a spare steering box I was thinking of having rebuilt and would like to send to Stangersite, his price seems very reasonable and he does good work but I have read too many stories about “parts rebuilder jail” with him. I emailed asking about the possibility of exchange and/or turn-around time on rebuilding mine but no reply (I recall emailing in the past and same thing).

I found Red Head Steering Gears online but remember reading on MCnet or here about the experience one person had calling them on the phone which did not inspire confidence.


So who does a great job, is responsive and has reasonable prices?



Randy did a great job on my husband’s '69 PS pump, but it did take about a year to get it back. I have used Chockostang for stuff and been happy, and there is also Marcus at I’ve never used his services, but he’s around the CJ and Boss Forums all the time and seems knowledgeable.

That’s what I was afraid of Kim. I like his price and sounds like his workmanship is good but one year for a PS pump is, well, ridiculous. Thanks for the other leads.

Yeah–I “loaned” my husband the PS pump from one of my parts cars and I was afraid I’d never get it back! The husband called Randy multiple times and was able to reach him only twice in all that time. No returned emails and no returned messages–he just got lucky by being persistent on the phone. Randy’s not a crook and won’t steal your stuff, but not everyone has parts cars sitting around to use components from, and you obviously wouldn’t do that for a steering box, anyway. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I know the back story of the Ford power steering pumps. There are no, nada, zilch, … kits out there to rebuild them. Rebuilders have been unsuccessfully, using components from GM power steering pump kits, for the Ford pumps. Problem is that the GM intended components, don’t make enough pressure for the Ford P/S system.
The correct pump and seal kits have been back ordered for months.

I purchased a rebuilt unit from WCCC a few years ago and I’m happy with it.

Roger Rode’s is the best of the best. 419-468-5182. Expect problems with Stangerflake…

I just had my P/S control valve rebuilt by Lares Manufacturing, very fast and very reasonable. Check them out at large Co.

Thanks Don, I appreciate you sharing that. Spoke to Roger today, he is my kind of guy.

Agreed. Have been using Rode’s for years.

Are rebuild parts for the steering boxes available?

Some parts such as needle bearings and the seal, gasket is available but the nut and gear which are usually worn are not available new. The nut and gear are usually worn in the “straight ahead” position. Slight wear can be adjusted out.

That is exactly where mine is worn. The car used to steer very well—near effortless. The steering box was out of the car for a few years during restoration. At some point it got water in it. It was a little stiff and I worked it free, felt o-k on the bench. However, in the car the performance is less than desirable.
Where would one find those gaskets and bearings?

I would check with Don at WCCC. Regular contributor and great asset for us Cougar owners.