SOLD! 1967 Cougar GT, 4 speed, power disc, A/C, Am- 8 track. 3.25 traction lock

Here is an original unmolested, un-restored, Dec 6, 66 California GT. I am the 2nd owner.

Only 41,000 original miles !!!
All the super hard to find GT parts are here, including the rare 22” Radiator and Shroud. Still has its original exhaust system and all glass is original including windshield. Even the California smog is intact.

Inverness Green
Black St interior.

Interior is a 9.5 -+. Only driver’s side seat bottom has been replaced.

Body is a 9.0 + for straightness and no rust. All body panels are original to the car

Paint is Original with primer #4 :frowning:

Located in Calif - 1 hour South of Sacramento. I welcome interested parties to see in person!!!

Price is now lowered to $37,000 was asking $42,000. Will consider offers

Please call me. I did message you.

Hi Ric

Small world - Chris

I am lowering the Price to $37,000 but Can’t seem to find the edit area to the post.??

You should see a pencell icon at the bottom of your post, that is the edit function. I don’t know if there is a time limit on editing your posts though.
Only think keeping me from this Cougar is I don’t have $37K to play with. It will make somebody a great Cougar to play with.

Thanks - no pencil available! That’s frustrating that I can’t edit my own add.

Thank you for the kind words and assistance.

It truly is one of the most original un-restored valuable cougars around.

Fun to drive

You click on the three “see more” buttons. Then you can see the pencil.

Good morning Royce, When I click on the 3 dots, I only have these choices! No Pencil.

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Must be your browser.

I am trying to run this down. There is an admin function that lets me see what you see. Or what the site is putting up for you to see. I did a screen capture. At the bottom it shows the pencil. You are not seeing this:

That post above was posted by me using the admin function that lets me see exactly what you should be seeing.

Must be a browser or something. I have tried on my computer and I phone to adjust. No pencil visible.
Thanks for all the assistance.

Maybe I will delete and then re-place the add. Might be the easiest to solve everything.

Thank you.

Personally I’m not liking this new forum of the Classic Cougar… seems difficult to navigate though for me

I have found that the pencil disappears after a period of time. There seems to be a time limit on edits.

Tell me what needs improvement and I am all ears.

Hi Folks - this is not the right topic for this, but since the convo is here …

I self-host and admin a Discourse forum for a group coming from several other forum products including vBulletin and xenForo. Discourse takes some getting used to - much power for tracking topics, alerting, site topic layout, theme, etc. is in the hands of the user. I have found it helpful for folks to go through the new user guide, link below.

We switched two years ago. I cannot name a currently unhappy user, though there have been some along the way. And users are constantly learning about features. Change is always hard, but for new folks it has always been this way.

Props to @xr7g428 and @jays for admining this site. It is a non-trivial task. Tuning the EEC-IV in my 1967 DGS Restomod is sometimes easier.


What pencil??? :face_with_spiral_eyes: yikes.

Your gett8ng closer to my allowance spend money on this car.

Hi Blue Cat did you get my reply earlier in the week?

I’m willing to consider 32 K if that’s in your budget?

Chris 209-650-5460

Is this car still for sale?