SOLD: 1969 Mercury Cougar Standard R Code, 428 Cobra Jet Factory Four Speed


Bill and Jay,

Thanks for helping sell the car with your website!


In an effort to provide more info on the motor, I decided to pull the transmission and see if I could find a C scratch on the rear block face. It was there, as well as a VIN like number stamped in the block boss located below the DS head.
I contacted Kerry Wortman, (Cobra Jet expert and very valuable contributor to ) to help me figure out what I had. I sent Kerry photos of the block stampings and cast date. Kerry told me I had incorrectly read the the block cast date, I originally posted in this ad. He stated the block was a 9A23 and is confident the stamping was a vin for an Atlanta produced 1969 midsize Fairlane/Torino 428 CJ.
My opinion, based on the other engine components cast dates, is that the complete motor may have come from that source.
Here are a couple pics of block/stamping. I also added a couple pics to the gallery (gallery link at the bottom of this post) of the bellhousing cast date and distributor date.

Also, if anyone belongs to a Fairlane/Torino forum, feel free to share my info as it would be nice to know if the car still exists and wants its CJ back.


FOR SALE: 1969 R Code, 428 Cobra Jet Factory 4 Speed

Posting here first and hoping someone in the Cougar Community will invest in and restore this awesome Cat.

1969 Mercury Cougar Standard R Code 428 Cobra Jet Factory 4 Speed
Asking Price: $17,000 OBO

This Rare, Marti Report verified, Ram Air Cobra Jet Cougar is a RUNNING, DRIVING PROJECT CAR in good condition.
Great color combo - Burnt Orange Metallic on Black.
Great potential and very worthy of full restoration investment.

Car has been in enclosed storage since I purchased in 2001. The car was not licensed or driven during my ownership, other than occasional rides on our rural road. The condition of the car is as I purchased except for minor repairs and maintenance. It has modifications from original equipment by the previous owner(s).
Car is located in Illinois and has clear Illinois title in my name.

Car is in good overall condition. Floor pans have had functional repair by previous owner. Future restoration will be needed to perform correct repairs to floor pans, door corners, wheel well lip area and deck lid.
Engine bay and frame rails are in good condition. Left front inner fender panel (battery location) has been replaced by previous owner.
Full VIN number is stamped on both shock tower aprons. Interesting note: VIN stamped has wrong engine designation (“H” instead of “R”). Per Scott Taylor, 69/70 428 CJ Registrar for CCOA, it is a fairly common stamping mistake and the Marti Report for the VIN verifies the car as a true R Code.
Trunk area and drops in overall good condition with original staggered shock trunk reinforcement (only on four speed Cobra Jets).
Aftermarket spoilers on front and rear (wrong Cougar pedestal spacing).
Has had exterior repaint by a previous owner.
Car has Sub-frame connectors, traction bars and rear stabilizer.

Dash and pad are in good original shape as is console. Some gauges not functional.
Original steering wheel and column have been replaced. Tilt components are missing.
Door panels have been changed to XR-7 with power windows. Power windows were added as well and work intermittently so some repair required.
Driver’s seat cover (seat and back) are split at seams and taped over.
Headliner is missing.
Package tray is not original

Odometer shows 77,683 miles.
Car runs and drives good and would only get better with more attention and use.
Block has 9A23 casting date, (69 Fairlane/Torino) (this line editted on 1/7/18)
6090 Heads are 9A17 cast date
C8OE-9425-C Intake is 8H8 cast date.
Carb is C9AF-9510-U List 4609 with 451 date.
Car is missing Ram Air, air cleaner assembly.
Car is missing exhaust manifolds, headers currently installed.
RUGAE2 Close Ratio Transmission.
Rear end pinion support D2SW has 1M8 cast date. 3.50 Ratio. Axles appear to be 28 spline, based on exposed end of axle.
Used Magnum 500 rims

More Pictures in CCCgallery here:

Thanks for looking,
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That is a great buy. It should get snapped up quick.

I can’t imagine that it will take long to sell this Cougar. Good luck with your sale.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t think the VIN Number was stamped anywhere else on 1969 Cougars.
Common places should be Dash,Door& Buck Tags
Where is it stamped on the shock tower aprons?

Are they not stamped on both inner fender aprons, usually too far laterally to see unless you pull the fenders?

When I went to take pictures of the car, I expected to find the partial VIN stamped in the same place as 67 and 68. The VIN wasn’t there on either side. I kind of started to panic, especially since I had realized the battery box apron had been changed, which I did not rememeber. I guess I did not checked for apron VINs when I bought it years ago, probably because the trunk reinforcement, and R VIN on Dash and door got me excited.

I kind of remembered a post on this forum about 69 VIN stampings bring different and kept looking. Was relieved to find it, under the fender, on both shock tower locations.

As mentioned previously, Per Scott Taylor, 69/70 428 CJ Registrar for CCOA, an incorrect engine code in the apron VIN is a fairly common stamping mistake and the Marti Report for the VIN verifies the car as a true R Code.

Here is the drivers side.

Thanks for the positive comments on the sale. As mentioned before, I hope it can go to a real Cougar enthusiast up for the project.


Car is still for sale.

I have edited the first post to include info/pics identifying CJ Motor as 1969 Fairlane/Torino 428 CJ.

Check it out


Car is still for sale.

NOW TAKING OFFERS on this really cool project.
Open to work out climate controlled storage until spring with purchase!

That would be a fun driver!! Bummer about all the areas on the body that need repair, but one could always ignore those for a while and have fun with it.

Reducing price to match craiglist ad:
$15,000 OBO

FWIW, the (Dorman) cam plug is in backwards (FE engines have the cam plug reversed from the way they normally go). The cam can rub against the plug if installed the “normal” way (as is the case here).

P.S. the partial VIN 199999 is pretty interesting/unusual!

I saw the car on Craigslist. This was actually my uncle’s car he owned in the 90s. I remember riding in it when I was a kid. I don’t think I live far from you, and I may be interested in it if it’s still available.

Sorry Leadsled, I just sold the car tonight!!!

Thanks for the comments guys.

Congratulations Al on the sale!

It sounded like an amazing project.

No problems, wish I’d have seen it sooner.