SOLD! 67 drip edge trim and rear window trim - FREE

Drip edge trim and rear window trim from 67 Cougar.

Good shape. Don’t need since I cut the roof off for my convertible conversion!

Located in Longmont, CO

If you could ship it id pay for it. I need exactly those parts. Im in visalia calif.

Multiple people interested in shipping. I am will to ship but do not have a lot of time to research how to pack or which carrier (USPS, FEDEX, UPS). Safest way may be to mount to between cardboard ~5 ft x 1.5 ft x 2" thick.Cheapest may be bubblewrap and pray that USPS doesn’t bend them beyond use.

If it were me, id make a simple frame from 2x2 or 2x4 whatever is sufficient. Bubble wrap each piece. Cardboard wrap the frame with pieces inside. Filled with packing peanuts. The shipping stores have supplies and will help you. I would gldly pay you for your effort. Id ship it insured .
If they are in good condition those pieces are worth $200 each window. They are worth at min. 50each section as a core. I plan to clean them up and use them. Ive shipped rear quarter windows successfully from cali to orlando. Pack them like you need them…lol . I would appreciate it if you give it a go. My daily driver has none of the window trim. I know your busy with your project. Happy new year.

Pm sent with my contact info.

Sold. Thanks