SOLD,Apr 1969 351W, 4spd for sale.

I have come into possession of a 351W (2V), 4 spd (with ID Tag) power train. This is complete from output shaft of the 4 spd, to the crank pulley including all the Ford factory stamped with Ford part #s shifter/shifter arm and linkage. Bellhousing (case iron with fork), (clutch/PP/Flywhl), and the engine from the air cleaner wingnut to the drain plug. Including exh manifolds with heat riser tubes that still work, 2 barrel carb WITH Ford ID tag. Pwr str pump, wtr pmp, 3 bolt damper, factory coil WITH 351 69 engine ID TAG. You even get the factory lifting eyes.
Engine has been pulled apart, (heads and int where factory gasket and stuck tight, inspected,including all bearings, rings have been checked. Crank mics standard has does the cylinder. All bolts from this engine came out nicely like it was a year old. This engine/trans setup has never been touched, modified, or played with. Factory cast in built dates range from April 4 1969 to April 16 1969 which is also the engine date on the ID Tag. Heads are prefect even the rubber seals were still soft. Block is a C9OE-6015-B build date of 8L7. It also comes with the V-8 frame adapters. (Nice touch). Pistons removed from rods and Rods now have ARP rod bolts. Also block inspected and refitted with ARP main bolts and new cam & main bearings included. 268H Comp Cam included.
Pretty much the Holy Grail for someone looking for a “period correct” built to go with their Ford/Mercury. As you can see by the shifter/linkage, it’s been cleaned now. Block is cleaned and been checked for squaredness, new ARP main bolts included. Heads are cleaned and reassembled to keep everything straight. For sale as a package deal. You get from the aircleaner nut to the drain plug, (air cleaner included) including crank, rods, pistons, (old main/rod bearings and pistons rings to inspect yourself) all engine bolts, carb, Dist/coil, spark plug wires, old cam, heads, int/exh manifold, valve train, bellhousing, flywhl/PP Clutch, 4Spd (RUG E3, 025061 on tag) trans complete with shifter and linkage. You get all the old stuff I took off it.
$2,000 or $1,750 if you pick up. Located in Fallon, Nv. 1 hr East of Reno.
Delivery as far as 1,000 miles. included in price.

You did a nice job describing and taking pictures of what you have. But I didn’t see a price.

Sorry, $2,000 and that includes delivery up to 1,000 miles away. If you pick up, $250 less.

Where are you located?

Fallon, Nv. 1 hr East of Reno. I’m retired now so I can deliver or you pickup any day.

Interested in it? Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Could I get a contact number? thanks .

SOLD 14/9/20