Sound Systems

Question on speaker setup…what are some of the cool systems you guys have put together. I had Gary Tayman rebuild a stock Philco for me but beyond this, I have yet to dive into or research my sound system options.


I took the easy way out.

A portable, rechargeable bluetooth speaker bar that I toss in the car and pair with my phone. Here’s an example:


  • Cost under $50
  • Works for hours on a charge
  • Swaps between cars and in the shop, beach, etc
  • No wiring or mods to car
  • Works with any bluetooth device


  • Sound quality not equal to a custom system
  • Takes up a bit of space inside the car
  • No wow factor as with a really great custom system

just a thought…


Convertible, 351 Cleveland, 3.70:1 rear end, TKO600 five speed, and Borla exhaust-I’m all set! Don’t even have a radio in the car.

Cruisin’ to the static of AM radio

I got a converter to go from Bluetooth to AM. So I can play all the 70’s hits on my original AM radio and listen through the dash speaker. The music sounds crappy, but it’s just like I remember as a kid.

Where did you get one that goes to AM? I only see the ones for FM. I’ve thought about making an AM version, but it just hasn’t been worth my time yet.

Really depends on how far you want to go.

personally a good set of speakers in the package try and kick panels is more then sufficient for my needs. If you want more its easy enough to add an amp and sub in the trunk.