Source For Drum Brake Backing Plates

Anyone have a source for rear drum brake backing plates? I am looking for a set to fit a 1969 Mustang with 10" X 2" drum brakes.

Have you heard of west Coast Classic Cougars?

Google is your friend…

Mike M.

Replacement backing plates are very hard to find, even crappy used ones. I don’t think anyone makes reproductions of these but someone should.

If the issue is wear on the pads that contact the edges of the brake shoes, I have found that a good way to fix this is to have a weld bead applied to these areas of the backing plates then ground smooth.

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Been their done that. Sold out.

Thanks sfhess. Unfortunately, I am upgrading from 9" brakes and dont have the righ backing plate for 10" brakes.

The 8" rear uses the same brakes. backing plates included. WCCC would be my choice but didn’t you remove an 8"?

Nope. Removed a 7 1/4 and upgrading to an 8". WCCC is sold out. Think I may have found a source in California that has some.

Also check John’s Classic Cougars in Michigan.

Everyone thank you for your help. I did find a shop that just opened a few months ago. This guy has tons of used, NOS and reproduction Mustang, Maverick and Cougar parts. He had a set of backing plates blasted clean and needing no repair for an exceptional price. He is worth checking with as I believe he will ship. North Bay Mustang (707) 971-7152 in Petaluma, CA.