Speaker holes for 67-68 repro kick panels!

My longtime friend “Professor” John Wenetta of MIT did some CAD/CAM milling of holes in my repro kick panels. I provided the dimensions, and John programmed the instructions in. I think it’s cool; you folks let me know if you’re interested in how it was done!

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That’s awesome. One of my pet peeves has been not being able to get a correct repop for something so commonly needed.

Definitely interested! That is so cool!

That’s really cool! Those speaker style kick panels are really needed out there for some us folks. Just curious, how many holes did it take?

Very interested.

I took my old kick panel and clamped it onto the repo and used it as a template to drill the holes into the repo panel. Worked good and final result was great but, very time consuming process.

It’s 1134 holes. I’ll be getting with John about the programming to do it.

Cool solution. Thanks for sharing!

I counted 1135…G

Those look great! great solution to a long time issue. Im sure alot of guys are going to want this done to their panels!

They look awesome & will pass sound unlike the clogged originals. Sadly I didn’t have a Professor friend :frowning: , but I did have a ruler.

here’s what I did for a cust cat

That’s a pretty good compromise solution, Bill. We used (intentionally) holes a bit larger than the factory’s. The first side is on and sounds great.

John’s not really a professor either, but a very experienced radar and mechanical tech. He’s in truth a crazy ******d car guy, like us, but could pass for a professor.

He IS a Professor Of Mopars, though. Walking encyclopedia.

He might need to set up a shipping and receiving department with how excited this has a lot of people…

Maybe WCCC could set something up to get the reproduction ones converted for Cougars (at a nominal cost, I’m sure). I would buy a pair of parchment ones right now with the speaker holes.

Add me to the list!I need to have a set of black ones done. I bought the panels from WCCC, but have not drilled anything yet. Not one of the jobs that sound exciting to me.

Add me to the list!I need to have a set of black ones done. I bought the panels from WCCC, but have not drilled anything yet. Not one of the jobs that sound exciting to me.

Nice! I was trying to figure out a way to make this happen when I was at WCCC. Made a vector file of the hole layout and everything. Just never figured out how to do it in bulk, what kind of machine to use, etc. Would love to see this happen, and get my repro panels done.

Dang! Looks great and most sorely needed. Looks perfect!

Mine is the one Cougar Bill recently did an amazing job (as he always does) on in drilling the holes the old fashion when installing kick panel speakers in my 67 but not 1135 of them!

Hopefully a product you can figure out a way to offer as there is market for them for sure! Put me on the list if it works out.

However the ones Cougar Bill did are closer to artistry than technology. Would hate to replace them.

If anyone wants my AI vector file of the hole layout, I don’t mind sharing it. I was careful to get the hole sizing and spacing right using an original as a template. Just never was able to find anyone who could make it happen.

I’ve done this several times, most recently on the red R code XR-7. It doesn’t take that long. Much easier now that we have cordless drills. Never bothered to count the holes. Just drilled until they were done. Maybe 20 minutes each side.