Speaking of NHRA

Did you see this.
Force is wearing a Bowtie.
Guess he has to drive something now that Ford pulled out.
That just doesn’t look right.

Gotta go where the money is.

Yeah, it seems bogus, but Force is a business man.

It does feel icky.

It’s all about paying the bills and GM will be doing that. In the end does it really mater what body is on the car? I might be way off base but aren’t the engines all Chrysler based 426 Hemi’s?

I understand the business side of it, gotta pay the bills.
Still… don’t like it.

It’s more fun to watch Mustang body win.

I believe Force was running a Ford BOSS 500 engine.

A Boss 500 engine…thats the bomb! I wonder if his daughters will follow suit and move to GM?

The Force team is all GM.

Bob Tasca is running a limited schedule in a Ford.
Looks like Tim Wilkerson is running a Ford also.