Speed Control Value

I’m debating what I want to do with the speed control on one of the cars I have. I personally think its neat, but it wouldn’t kill me if I got rid of it either.
It does appear complete,mostly. I have what appears to be the link arm, but the bellow has fallen apart from dry rot.
Its the perfect circle controller.

Selling it would however help offset the cost of restoration. Any ideas on general value for a complete system?
Trying to find more info and so far not much luck.
And yes the wand is junk.

What year?


How nice is the turn signal wand? That’s a pretty big deal. I sold a system that I would call average missing a couple minor bits not terribly long ago for $1500.

The wand is rough

Do you have the transmission to servo speedo cable? That and the bell crank are the rare parts. That servo was used on plenty of Fords from 67-69.

I do have the cables. After a little more research I don’t think its gold due to the condition. I suspect a few hundred dollars for some of the harder to find stuff. I may just clean it up, and try to find parts as I go.

Do you have any pictures of the bellows assembly? I am interested in that as well as the cables and switch.
Thanks: Scott