Spoiler makes trunk lid too heavy.

I have to prop up the trunk lid.

Is there a cure for that?

Mercury noticed the same thing in 1969 when the Eliminator got a spoiler. They fixed it in 1970 by adding a prop rod.

Can you adjust the tension rods for the trunk lid?

I have the same type of spoiler on the trunk lid of my '68 and it still stays up, so there is hope!

Not sure what the difference is with yours but if you want me to check anything on mine, just let me know.

Yes, you can adjust the tension on the rods. But eventually they’ll lose strength. Some guys go with a prop rod. Others adapt a gas ram from a hatchback.

I went to the strongest setting and they lost the needed tension to hold up the lid/spoiler VERY quickly (like in a few days). Like Mark, I went with a gas strut (from McMaster-Carr) but went a little more stealthy with the install:

Thanks for the help.

Mark, what did you attach the lower end to? Hard to see in the photo.

Which lift support did you guys buy? There’s 207 listed at McMaster-Carr


I may have misled with my comment, my strut was from McMaster. I want to say I bought a 100 lb and it was a little too much, bought a 90 lb instead and it is pretty good (and trunk self-opens, I don’t think Mark’s does but that’s just a hunch). I will see if I can find my past order and will let you know (but keep in mind it will only work properly for the way/geometry than I installed mine).

Yeah, Robert’s install is more stealth than mine. I didn’t have the knowledge at 16 years old that I do now. But that’s how long that strut’s been in place… since 1982. Sorry, but I don’t recall it’s application. It was just a generic piece that I got at the auto parts store and just kept mocking it up until it did the job. No it doesn’t open automatically. But I wouldn’t want it to. I don’t open my trunk at shows either.

It’s just a piece of angle iron that I trimmed and used self tapping bolts to hold in place.

Thanks, both of you, very helpful.

What length strut did you use? Did you custom make the bottom bracket? I have a luggage rack on my car and the tension rods dont support it.

I went back and tried to look at my order history but was not successful in finding that order, it was many years ago now, sorry. The ends and the strut are available at McMaster.

If I happen across the first one (that was too strong), I will note the part number and post it here.