Spring has arrived! (Leaf Spring that is)

Well it was time to get the last system needed to roll my '67 out of the body shop, the rear suspension. Not that it will be ready soon, but I keep hoping!

My jacked up rear end had air shocks and extended shackle mounts, so where it would sit once normal shocks were installed was a bit of a mystery. The leaf springs were old and looked saggy.

My preference is no less than level and perhaps a 1" rake. ALSO, since I am converting the A code to an S code GT clone, my existing springs would not do.

Luckily, we have a local spring manufacturer (Benz Spring)! I dialed them up and ordered a set of GT spec springs and added 1" to the free-arc. Hopefully, this will give me the boost I want, I can always drop them with the $50 lowering block. Price was exactly the same as Mustangs Unlimited for the GT Spring (funny that):

Check “rear suspension” off the to-do list!