Spring Kit and Shocks...

So, Esmerelda is riding a bit low in the back (especially the drivers side) and I took her to Firestone where they said I should get a new set of springs and shocks.

Danny (the nice mechanic there) said that the Cougars “naturally” sit a bit higher in the front… but if I wanted to have the front a bit lower than the back… I could order certain sets to give it a more “classic muscle car stance”.

Can anyone advise me on where and what to purchase to do this?


Most Mustang/Cougar parts houses will have lowering springs for the front.

You might want to replace the leaf springs if they have never been replaced. They tend to rust/break/sag over the course of decades and cause a low sitting rear end.

Here’s a piggy-back question while we’re on the springs and shocks topic.

Will new shocks stop bottoming out or is that purely a spring thing?

I put four people in the car for a ride to dinner the other night and the tires hit the fenders every bump there and back.

I don’t really plan to have four people or an extra 500 pounds in the car very often, but it did have me wondering if that’s indicative that I need springs or if I just need shocks.

I was under the impression that the springs keep the car from bottoming out, and the shocks keep the car from bouncing up and down after you hit the bump. Is that correct or would just replacing the shocks stiffen things up a bit?

Shocks really only control the bounce after going over a bump… unless they’re air shocks or load leveling shocks which are shocks with a spring wrapped around them. You’ll likely ignite a debate on the evils of air shocks vs. there is no issue if you choose to discuss that topic.

Based on what you are both saying, replacing the rear springs will solve the issues you’re both facing. Although Texas, based on your Avatar picture, it doesn’t look like you have stock rims and tires on your car. So the wheel and tire sizes could be playing a factor in your bottoming out as well.

Do the coil springs in front not wear out?

I went with 15" wheels with 225/60/15 tires all the way around. If I use the 1" lowering springs, do they have increased stiffness to create less travel, so my tires will still clear or do I need to stick with stock height?

So there’s “leaf springs” and “coil springs”?

Yes coil springs in the front wear out and will eventually collapse, especially if they 48+ years old originals.
I too have a 70 Vert with 15" wheels, but with slightly higher tires (215/70/15), and they are just great with the 1" lower shocks that actually are stiffer… no rubbing at all with 4 adults in the car.

From your question, I understand you seek basic info… so yes there are leaf springs (in the back) and coil springs (in the front).
Leaf springs are the long lamellas on which the rear end sits and the coil springs are the big helicoidal springs located in shock towers (front).
Shocks are the cylindrical tubes that expand/contract when the wheels hit bumps and holes on the road. There are 2 in the back (attached to rear end & body on each side) and 2 in the front (located inside the coil springs).
Leaf springs smoothly support the car on the rear end axel (hence control height of the back) while shocks regulate bouncing of the wheels against the uneven surface of the road.
If you are not familiar with suspension replacement, I suggest you get the work done by a mechanic, or at the very least assistance from someone with experience in the matter if you want to get at it and learn.
You may want to look at WCCC web site to get familiar with parts.

Thank you so much! I did not know this. Really helps me understand what I’m looking at and looking for.
And yes. I’ll have a mechanic handle this. Just need to know what I’m ordering first.