Spring perch fit

Getting ready to install my new coil springs, spring perches, and control arms. I’m not sure about the way the stop tab lines up on the new springs and perches. The spring is a Moog that I got from Royce, the perch is from the WCCC front end rebuild kit:

Heres’ how my old perch lines up with the new spring. Seems more like how it should be:

Opinions? What to do about this?

The perch is bolted to the upper control arm. Things should line up better then.

Wear heavy gloves when handling springs under tension.

Why would bolting the spring perch to the upper control arm change the fit between the spring and perch?

I haven’t done mine yet but that doesn’t look good

For whatever reason the reproduction spring perches come with a rubber pad that originals never had. I start by removing those pads. Then the tab on the reproduction may need to be bent some to place it in line so it prevents the coil spring from rotating. Looks like one end of the MOOG spring fits better, I would for sure use that end as the bottom.