Steering Wheel- Smaller Diameter, Suggestions?

I am looking for an aftermarket steering wheel for the 67 Cougar. I want a smaller diameter. Also, I’f like to be able to use the original horn button in the center.
Can I do this with Grant Steering WHeels? Any other suggestions?

ANyone else with Power steering do to smaller St wheel?


I have a smaller leather wrapped wheel. I’ve always run smaller wheels because I never liked the stock 68 XR-7 wheel I had. I’m on the third one.

Keep in mind that the factory wheel was sized in relation to the display of gauges and instruments on the dash. On my XR-7, going to a smaller wheel blocks the driver’s view of some of the dials. I chalk it up to the price of coolness. But most poeple don’t think of things like that.

I’ve never seen a factory horn button work in an aftermarket wheel. You need to purchase an adapter to make the wheel work on the factory column anyway. It comes with the horn button set-up to work as a package.

I’ve got a Grant GT wheel that’s smaller than the original, installed by the PO of my Cougar. I really like it. But like Mark mentioned, the view of the gauges is a little blocked. The horn button on mine is the one for the new wheel, not the original.

Even with a sorta messed up power steering system, I don’t find it’s too hard to turn with the smaller steering wheel. I’ve heard that with manual steering the smaller wheel can be problematic, cause it makes it harder to turn, maybe too hard with manual steering. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.

Here is one that will meet all of your needs. Small - 10" diameter. But, (and here is the “cool factor” as Mark mentions) you can still see your gauges since the chain links have holes in them. Style-wise, fuggedaboudit!

Put on a clown suit and you’d be stylin’!

What? No good? :buck:

Bob, how’s it look on your car? LOL! Is there any other mod that could decrease the value of a car any faster than that wheel?

Here is a Grant GT on my sons car. As you can see, his height makes the stock wheel a problem.

The wheel hasn’t arrived yet (just ordered it), but I do already have my clown suit!

Even at my height (5’ 11"), I had the same problem as your son with my stock wheel (rimblow that I spent a fortune restoring). I like my grant 1170 a lot. Probably same or similar diameter to what your son has? 14.5".

Thanks for the great examples! That helps a lot!


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