Steering Wheel Wood Graining

Hello all, I’ve seen a few threads in here covering steering wheel restoration but I’m interested in getting more input on a more specific topic focused on the wood grain. I’m hoping to see some of the creativity out there from others who have restored their steering wheel and recreated the wood grain look. I’ve seen some pretty cool videos on youtube from people who create the wood grain look from plain Jane pvc pipe which I think can certainly be applied to the plastic on these steering wheels. I have a few 67 steering wheels that I will be trying this technique on at least one of them once I have fixed the cracks.

I liked this video the best from what I’ve seen so far, I think it was the most informative.

Post up some other examples of your restored steering wheels and wood grain and how you accomplished the look. Good original steering wheels are hard to come by now and sending them out for restoration sounds like a good chunk of change if you’re not performing a concourse restoration.I think more people would be comfortable attempting to restore them knowing some simple techniques like these.

Look at the project form on this site.