Steering wheel

Is there a smaller diameter steering wheel that you old recommend as a replacement?
I’m just thinking access would be easier as I have a dodgy leg but want something in keeping, just smaller :slight_smile:
Are there any disadvantages like it affecting steering effort very much?

Personal choice, but I like my Grant 1170. Smaller diameter, fatter rim (big difference from the “pencil thin” rim of the rimblow), steering effort is no problem (if you have power steering).

The button I created from a Grant button and a AC block-off walking cat.

I am using a Grant Signature wheel with drilled spokes and a wood rim. Only disadvantage is that is blocks the view of gauges. Feels and looks better than stock and gives more leg clearance.

The 1170 looks nice. Ive just been looking at the Grant website and then trying to find syockists here in the UK.
What sort of diameter are you using?

Think the 1170 is only one size, 14-something.

Quick question which would probably be obvious if it was in my hand but what type of hub adapter would I need? Not the manufacturer but the actual specs ie how many holes, would a Mustang suitable one be ok
Over here, most people have never heard of a Cougar and Grant wheels are limited in choice. I’m thinking of a Sparco Sanremo which is a 6 hole fitment.

A steering wheel adapter designed for a Mustang should fit a Cougar.

Can you please tell me how to safely lock the steering wheel on a 69 cougar?

It doesn’t lock on the '69. The '70 was the first year for a locking steering wheel. Unless you have tilt and mean locking the angle.