Still under warranty?

I spent the weekend in the ER and surgery ward with my 17 year old daughter. She had her Appendix removed this morning at 5AM. She’s only 17!!! Shouldn’t that thing have lasted more than 17 years? Is there a warranty claim here? I’m going to speak to my in-laws about this. I believe the defective part came from their side of the family. At the very least they should pay on a pro-rated basis. What is the expected number of miles you’re supposed to get outta one of those?

I am turning 32 next week, and mine is still appendasizing. I had a friend that didn’t have his removed until something like 40 years. On the other hand, both of my parents still have theirs, and they are 59. I would think she would be entitled to some sort of claim, though since it doesn’t serve much purpose, maybe not? I guess it would be left up to insurance?


No warranty expressed or implied. Mine has been gone since I was 13. Hope everything went well.

Yeah, I think that is a wear item. Maybe she was using it too much and it wore out sooner than expected? I try not to use mine too often and I’ve got a little over 40 years out of it now. Funny, my 10yo daughter was just asking me about appendix stuff last night.

Mines turing 49 next week and still working fine, I think lots of good clean beer help keep it in good shape kind of like good clean oil in our cats.

An obsolete part no longer necessary for the rest of the system to function properly. There are more important parts that could have failed.

Didn’t the nurse offer you the extended warranty 17 years ago? :wink: Hope all is well with her and with Dad, too!

Only 13 years there?!? Yours musta’ rusted up like a '74 Maverick!

I hope everything went well Ray. I still have mine and functioning at 57, it’s just the other stuff I worry about now. My girlfriend
(X-wife) long time ago lost hers at 15. (her appendix too!)…Later.

I remember I was became terrible ill and had to go to the hospital to deliver my appendix in 1988 or something. At the time I was restoring a 1949 Buick Super sedanette, the only US car I’ve restored that wasn’t a Ford product.
It must have been God’s way to tell me to keep my hands off GM cars as I have never had any trouble with it since :biggrin2:

Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if all girls came with a warranty. Your money back in 20 years if you’re not happy with the product. Seriously, I hope she is doing better and will have a nice scar she can make up stories about. My daughter had her tonsils out at 5 yrs old. She was sooo pissed when she woke up because she didn’t understand it was going to hurt afterwards. She turn to me in a deep demented pissed off voice and said " Dad I WANT TO LEAVE NOW!>>>RIGHT NOW!!! :devil: Then she found out they were going to give her all the ice cream she could eat and the world was right again… :dance:

I looked it up and it seems that it is a problem with the original design. So I checked into that, and as it turns out they did this crazy mix of two different blue prints. Who ever decided that was a good idea is probably at fault here… can’t blame the product for design defects now can we…

Seriously, hope she gets well soon. I have it on good authority (my own daughter) that any problems are bound to be your fault… LOL!

Yeah, mine went bad when I was 14, just before I started high school. I actually missed the first couple days of school because I was still recovering and could barely walk. It was gnarly. It didn’t actually burst inside me, but I had a fun night of pain and puking before going to the hospital in the morning. Stupid unnecessary organ! An appendix is kind of like the AC compressor in my Cougar. At one point in history it may have had a purpose, but now it just sits there and doesn’t do anything.

P.S. Why do books have an appendix?

Mine was removed at 8 months. Talk about warranty claims.

me, t’was tonsils at 23… remember it fondl… nevermind!

old lady was pushing sodas and juices in the hospital. I decided the taste of a garden cocktail (V8) would be great. I’ve made better choices in my life! the acid almost melted all the sutures. took me 5 days before i could eat.

Still have the appendix though

hehehe, my kid brother got circumsized at 23 :laughing:

(As all the rest of the male population of this board grabs their crotches, rolls into the fetal position, and turns a billious shade of green)

Nice one, Jean; thanks for that mental image! :egoshooter:

Dad had his out at age 19 whilst in the Navy.
Mine went the morning after my mother-in-law’s (dry) Thanksgiving turkey when I was 45… I still tease her to no end about that!