Stocking Stuffer! Gauge Tester for '56 to '86 Ford products Christmas Special!

Gauge Tester for all Ford products from 1956 to 1983 $29.99 with free shipping
Order now and shipping will be by Priority Mail at no extra charge.

Is that gauge reading right? Now you can find out.

Want to know why the Temp gauge reads too hot, or the Fuel gauge too low, or the Oil Pressure gauge shows nothing at all? Now there is an inexpensive way to find out.

Now you can test the accuracy of Fuel, Temperature, and Oil Pressure gauges, plus verify output from the Instrument Voltage Regulator.

The slide switch lets to test the gauges at high, medium, and low readings. The Power LED will flash if you are using a mechanical regulator, or glow continuously if you have a solid state regulator. Simple instructions are printed on the back. The case is steel and made to last.

It’s very easy to use. No need to access the gauges or disassemble the dash. Just unplug the sender, and attach the red lead to the wire you just unplugged. Attach the black lead to ground. Set the switch. Turn on the key, and read the gauge.


A must have for anyone around old fords!

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Agree. This is such a convenient tool. So glad to have one. Thank you!

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