I just got this e-mail from a local engine rebuilder, Rob at “Blue Oval” …

"Last week, I found that my 40 foot storage unit at Public Storage

had been broken into, and almost everything of any value had been

taken. Last time I’d been in the unit was Dec 22nd, so sometime in the

last 4 weeks, they picked the locks and loaded up over 6000 pounds

of new and used parts. They knew exactly what they were doing, as they

cherry picked all the better parts, leaving behind core blocks that were

marked “crack-needs repair” or “missing main caps”. They took over 25

blocks, 25+ crankshafts, 20 pairs of cylinder heads, tooling for the SuperFlo

Flow Bench, and customer parts for their engine projects.

I’ll provide an abbreviated list here to highlight some of what was taken.

Please let me know if you run across anything on line, or through the

grapevine, that seems unusual or might be related.

The blocks ranged from simple washed cores with paint on them to hot

tanked cores to fully machined and bagged customer blocks ready to go.

Cores included 390 and 428CJ FE, early and late 351W, 289/302/5.0,

SVO R302 and the older A4 302 Motorsport block, 429/460, 429CJ 4-bolt,

350 4 bolt main, 454BBC both Gen IV and Gen VI, early Pontiac 428

Machined blocks included: 427FE Center Oiler - fully done, 2 early 460

2 bolt blocks, AMC 401 2 bolt with ARP main studs, 350 4 bolt w/ARP

main studs, 289 and 302 with ARP main bolts.

Cylinder heads were all cores: SBF, FE, 429, BBC oval port

Crankshafts: 289, 302, 5.0, 351W, 361FE, 390FE, 429, 460, 350 cast & steel, 454, AMC 401

Also: 2 Mustang Toploader 4 speed transmissions, S-code FE iron 4V intake

manifold, 351C 4V exhaust manifolds

Complete Chevy 235-L6 engine: disassembled, cleaned, all small parts boxed up.

Ford MEL 430: ALL parts except block, crank, and heads. Many parts black powder coated

such as intake, oil pan, v-covers…

460 Stroker engine: boxed parts intake manifold to oil pan

2.3L boxed external components: brackets, alternator, etc., Factory Ford service manual

351W Intake to oil pan parts, SVO J302 alum cyl heads

Super Flo Flow Bench set up fixtures (they left the bench, but took all the boxed up fixturing) Brzezinski cylinder head slider plates, flow cylinder bores, manual valve opening bar (picture below) , and inlet flow guide plates."

Please keep a super keen eye out for ANY of these parts. They will most likely show up out of state…
Contact Rob at BlueOval in Englewood Co, or myself

Thanks, Bill
Thanks, Bill

Sorry to hear. I will keep looking if i see anything I will let you know.

Sorry to hear about this. i hope you will be able to recover what was taken. All the best to you.

Wow, sorry to hear that. Did they check with the folks at Public Storage? That certainly has to be caught on security cameras. Will keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary that I hear about.

Interesting, just 4 days ago a 429CJ block never used showed up on FoMoCoPartsTrader on Facebook, $1,500 new and never used, in West Babylon, NY. Seems a little funny that just showing up a little later. I know it’s a long way from you. But you never know. Someone wouldn’t want to sell them right there in Denver area.

I will copy this post over on the FE Forum to help get the word out.

If you haven’t already, I’d notify all machine shops in the 4 state areas, Racing clubs, car/truck clubs, parts people that specialize in those parts and Summit/Jegs for anyone ordering stuff for these engines, etc, and put a $1,000 reward for any info.
As much as I hate to say it, inside job that someone knew they were there and had seen them there at one time or another.

Posted 12 days ago?
Large lot of parts?

Scumbags. The flow bench stuff in particular is oddball enough that if that pops up anywhere I would zero in on the seller.
Good luck! That’s enough dollar value that it should be some hard time when they catch them.

Wow!.. That’s certainly low. Hopefully the theft can be solved and parts recovered. Those person(s) responsible for this act, if local, would not likely sell in their own back yard.

Sorry to hear that. Its too bad there are so many garbage people out there these days.

Dang that sucks. Rob is not having the best of luck as of late. Any insurance coverage on the loss?

Have to think that someone knew that he had stuff in storage and wasn’t random.

He did such an amazing job on 390 in my 67 XR7 GT and is one of the few true FE rebuilding experts around.

Post updates if any come your way. Hope he finds the group that did this.

Sad to hear of your loss. It did remind me of a friend that took her car to a body shop and ignored it for 8 months. Well that much time elapses and people think it’s ready for a new home. Somebody with a roll back pinched it (it was on video) and I figured the car was never to be seen. Well lo and behold year earlier I left a not in the glovebox and they found the car and called me. Nothing other than the battery was missing after 5 weeks. Still it was a wakeup call that we should all pay more attention and if possible install a tracking ddevice on our cars (see no country of old men). With modern GPS I don’t know if LoJack is even around.