Strut Rod Bolt to Lower Control Arm

I’ve got a 67 Cougar and bought a front suspension kit that came with new lower control arms and new strut rods. However i’m trying to decide how I connect the strut rods to the lower arms.

The old strut rods don’t fit into the new lower control arms that came in the kit else i’d just have gone that route.

Seems simple right? Well I’m stuck on the strut rod to lower control arm bolt selection… Seems like they used to “press” in the bolts that have the grooves at the top?

Please let me know if i’m on the right track.

Option 1: Go find someone who has a press that can press the bolts with the grooves on top into the new strut rods.
(is this even possible with the rods from a kit?). So far finding someone to do this has been a bit challenging.

Option 2: use normal bolts and bolt it together.

You may have multiple problems. There are no 1967 Cougar reproduction arms that I know of. Most likely the arms that you have fit 1967 Mustang.

The easy fix is to use 1967 or 1968 Mustang or Cougar strut rods. The bolts require no special tools to install.

I suspect the replacement lower control arms out of the kit are already like that of a mustang, so perhaps that means option 2 where i just use bolts. In the mustang is it just a couple of 8 bolts that hold the strut rod to lower control arm?