Strut Tower Brace

Forgive me… I’m sure this has been covered hundreds of times but my search yielded no results. My 67 came from the PO with a TCP style export brace installed. I would like to add the TCP strut tower brace and related supports but the above items are nearly the cost of the entire kit. :astonished:
Can anyone suggest a viable alternative?

Maybe another option here, next problem is availability on products.

Try this!

I vote for this one as well. Also a fan of this quick disconnect monte carlo bar from S&T as well.

Might be a cost effect solution to add a separate monte carlo bar instead if your dead set on getting one

Looks like you are running Sniper EFI? Is your car being built for road racing?

Good eye! Installed the Sniper Stealth last year.
No plans for road racing just trying to triangulate and strengthen the front half of the car. I’m sure a standard Monte Carlo bar would work with the Unilite distributor but could cause issues if later upgrading to something different. The curved Monte Carlo bars are pointless IMO.