Stuck Speedometer

Having some difficulty with my 69’s speedometer jumping all over the place and at times getting stuck somewhere between way fast and beyond the numbers. Also an irritating whining noise where I am hearing the spinning cable against something. At first I thought it was the cable, so I bought a new cable. Ended up with the same behavior, so then figured, must be the gauge. So I bought a restored original. Actually looked better than mine. Figured this was the ticket only to find that this one also has the same issues. What I notice is that both gauges work perfectly when I spin them out of the car. Also sometimes, before things get warmed up the setup looks like its working. But then after a few miles starts rubbing again and the dial gets stuck. Seems like I am missing a piece or something where the cable and gauge come together? Is there some kind of anti friction “something” that I am missing? Totally lost and ready to just give up and disconnect everything! Thanks for any help

Interested in this as well.
I was in the Hilton Head concourse last year and as I’m leaving the lawn, I head the speedo cable rubbing, then it quit entirely.

Not sure what it takes to access the cable at either end. I’d live a step by step to accessing either end to figure out what went wrong.

Is the cable kinked someplace or is it too close to the exhaust pipe? Proper routing can make a difference.

Not kinked. Also it is new. And it performs just like the one I replaced because initially I thought that was the problem. What I found was for some reason the cable is putting pressure on the dial. Where the cable inserts, seems if there is any pressure there, it creates that rubbing noise and the needle gets stuck and is not able to spin freely. What I don’t know is how to keep that from happening. It happens on two different gauges and two different cables. Its like I’m missing a part or somehow I’m putting the cable in wrong? It’s pretty simple to install the cable though, you just push it in until the clip engages. I’m totally lost on this.

Reply to Double E,
Sounds like your problem was like mine except mine does it all the time now. the rubbing sound is where the cable inserts into the gauge. somehow that spinning mechanism is supposed to spin freely but is not and is rubbing. When it rubs the dial cannot move freely. There is a magnet that pulls on the dial and the spinning cable pulls the dial the other way. When they rub, the dial cannot move the way it is supposed to and the cable wins the match. Also makes an aweful sound. Waiting for mine to start smoking at some point!

I ran across a speedometer that had large chunks of rust inhibiting the ability of the needle to move freely. You can check this easily by spinning the speedometer head when the dash cluster is out of the car.