Stunning 1968 Cougar Dan Gurney Special Going Up For Sale

Hi Guys;

I’m going to be putting this amazing 1 owner '68 Cougar Dan Gurney Special up for sale and would like your feedback and any suggestions on venues or any other things that you enthusiasts think may be important.

The lady who owned this car since new passed away over a year ago and her family has decided it’s time to let her pride and joy bring a smile to someone else. As you can see she spared no expense with this car and it is beautiful to say the least. It is a true turn key and enjoy opportunity for the next owner.

The car has 94k original miles and drives as good as it looks. Extensive service records back to the 70’s will accompany the sale along with a clean CT title. At the suggestion of this site’s administrator, Brian, I did order a Marti Report which just came in today.

Please let me know what you guys think along with your opinions on realistic price expectations. I have sold on BaT before and am considering that possibility.

brian carroll

here’s a couple more pics…

Looks nice & good luck.
I had luck selling my Cougar on, and I might also suggest obtaining a Marti Report - if that’s anything you want to consider.

Perfect car and price point for BaT. You will get $20k plus for it, go for no reserve I say.

I did get a Marti Report tried to post it here but saying too large even though I’ve resized it to barely readable.

thank you and I will try again now.

nah, still wont let me post Marti.

can you please elaborate on “the incorrect and missing detail”?

and thank you very much!

I will let everyone chime in here for suggestions, show us some interior, trunk and underneath pictures and we can do a better job.

I would start with all the foil decals that faded to white, grille, center piece and trunk lock cover.

A shroud installed and fog the rad fins in black

trunk filler boards

you are missing a fuel door bumper

your fender bolts are painted, new ones will look much better

Chop 7" off your tailpipe

replace batter hold down with correct one

align grille with these

The bent hood latch plate might make someone think it was in a collision

I think I see a tiny pit between the e and r on your deck lid Mercury script emblem…

It is a stunning car that appears to be VERY well maintained!

The obvious items to correct are the radiator cap, battery hold down bracket (not correct look), the hoses are using the wrong clamps. (worm gear clamps not used in 1968) and the tailpipe is way too long. There are some missing vacuum lines not attached to the Vacuum Advance Temperature Control Switch. Missing fan shroud to radiator. Trunk is missing filler boards on the sides. Finally there are faded decals that should be replaced on trunk latch and under hood.

Even though it does have the correct DGS hubcaps, they are super ugly. I would upgrade the wheels with Cougar wire spoke or spinner style hubcaps and let the buyer know you have the original DGS hubcaps.

I did not see any interior pictures.

This is a real good candidate for BaT.


Correct wheel covers, but the DGS would have come with chrome valve covers IIRC.

Hit and miss on that actually…

these last few responses have been exactly what I was hoping for. Obviously, I have come to the right place.
thank you!

Curious if you have an explanation for that? The DGS package only included a little chrome, wheel covers (ugly) and a window sticker. Who would have taken one without the chrome?

Yep, a decal in the window and ugly caps. The better half of them got shorted on the valve covers. I got no explanation, just my observation after owning dozens of them.

I also have a 1967 XR7 DGS and it does not have chrome valve covers but it does have the chrome air cleaner lid. The engine tag seems to match the production date month so I am sure this is probably the original motor.


The package was slightly different for ‘67 I believe.

This is interesting discussion. I have a ‘68 with the chrome and the wheel covers and sticker. Anyone know the original cost of the DGS package?

@best-stuff I would love to be the next caretaker of this car. Sent you a PM.

hello all;

I would like to thank the admins, experts and enthusiasts here who helped with their kind suggestions and advice on selling this Cougar. It is sold and with a happy new owner (no not to the member here who was looking). This is a great forum group to be sure and a heck of a resource for everything Cougar.

most sincerely,