Sunroof cable ends

So I’m putting my sunroof assy together and it works almost perfectly. Without the panel installed, I’m teasting the motor and cable functions. If I send the cables to the fully open position, it stalls out about 6” into the close position. Gear and cable appear to be good. I remove the side rails and notice that both of the cable ends are in the turn section about to enter the side rail. I’m thinking it’s jamming in that position. So I look at the inventory of cables that I have in hand and notice 2 different cable ends. One type has a longer nub or leader. The longer ones are installed right now. Can the nub size make a difference? I’m thinking it’s not bending enough to enter cleanly in into the side rail. Here is a pic.


I would think that the cable on the left side in the picture could be binding up due to the style of the end. I would try two cable that are like the one on the right.

Are you aligning the rear slide with the 5th screw from the front? It sounds like it is too far back or something.

Bill, I am not sure what you mean by aligning it with the 5th screw. As long as the cable are lined up with each other, what should it matter where it’s lined up at? Is there a stop of some sorts that should be in the rail to not let it go back to far?

The starting position is at the 5th screw. That is straight out of the manual. I think you have them too far back. I think the ends may start out already past the bend so they don’t have to go around it.

Bill, would you happen to have a pdf of the manual? I own the manual but I am unable to find it.

Check your email. It is a zip file due to size.

We also have the manual here…

We are currently working on listing every item on a 71-3 sunroof, here is what we listed yesterday.