Sunroof question

Hi all, New to the forum. I have a 69 R-Code XR-7 428 CJ & C6 with Sunroof. Just a simple question for fellow sunroof owners. Are the sunroof openings the same for vinyl top and painted roofs ? Or is the opening a little bigger for a vinyl top intalled sunroof ? Thanks, Ron

The same. the seal makes up the difference in the fit between vinyl and non vinyl top.

I have a question: was the seal always black, no matter if the vinyl top was black or white?

  • Phillip

I have seen a Golde seal that was a light gray color that might look better. Most originals are now very faded and filled with wax / cleaner etc and don’t appear to be black.

I learned something new about sunroofs at the Dearborn show. Not all 68s had the extended/lowered ‘puffy’ panel where the motor access and XR7 consoles mount. Is this an early/late thing?

Its a middle of production thing. The Hertz cars don’t have it. The later cars don’t have it.

Sorry if this is a bit off the title subject…but it was mentioned…

OK, this might sound dumb coming from one who has cut more sunroofs out of cars that he should have kept…but how many seals are there that is being discussed?

My fading memory tells me that there may have been a rubber wiper seal of sorts at the rear of the sliding panel on the metal edge??? (side to side)

AND second, a “fuzzy” seal that went around the opening, which was attached to the car roof???

Am I correct here, and which are still available from whom? I would like to pick up one at least for my “project that never shall move again…” under it’s own power… :slight_smile:


Just two seals. The small one that goes along the back of the sliding panel and just starts around the corner curves and the second felt covered metal one with the bead along the top which goes around the front and both sides of the sunroof opening.

I don’t recall ever seeing a sunroof car without a vinyl roof.

Eliminators sold to Hertz didn’t have a vinyl roof… Were there others?

Technically the Hertz cars were leased to Hertz. They were the only Cougar sunroof cars sold without vinyl tops. Unfortunately!

A lot of the rusted roof sunroof Gs were because of the original vinyl top being removed, then a new one applied after the hole made. AO Smith manufacturing engineer said the original adhesive was scraped off and there was no time to repaint the bare scrapes.

Nope. Just the Eliminators…and cars like mine where owner preference has led to removal of the vinyl top.

Does anyone happen to have measurements of the sunroof openning size / dimensions, and the positioning on the roof?
I was recently asked for this information by a fellah with a sunroof openning that he believes is factory… (but I don’t think it is).

You are correct Steve. The third seal is this foam U shaped seal at the back that often gets over looked.

Mike, the sunroof sizes are specific to each of the Cougar generations. ASC as far as I know installed all of the factory sunroofs 1967-73.

Any source for those often overlooked (certainly by me!) rubber seals like in the pics Don posted?

  • Phillip