Tail lights

Hello all,

Having trouble with my sequencing tail lights in my ‘68. Car still retains the original motor operated sequencing unit from the factory…
The tail lights all work with brake lights and headlights working fine. The turning signals seem to work fine too however the outer lights on each side either don’t light up at all if the cars head lights are off or just stay on if the headlights are on…
I know there has probably been on a post on this very problem before (these old sequencing units seem to be troublesome part of the T birds/cougars :unamused: ) but darned if can find it
Any help much appreciated, thanks

—James .

Search this forum for “everything you want to know about sequential taillights”. I think that sit

It is the first thread in the Maintenance Restoration and Repair section.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95