Tapatalk: Classic Cougar Community on Your Mobile

No, this isn’t a shameless advertisement, we don’t get any money if you buy the app, and it was free for us to add it to the Forum. Bill asked me to install Tapatalk on the Forum so mobile users would have a way to keep in touch while on the go. (I think he wants it for his iPhone.) Here is the info from Tapatalk including their screenshots:

*********************************** Tapatalk Info *************************************

Tapatalk is a mobile forum app for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia. Tapatalk supports all the usual forum functions plus full screen image viewing, image upload, caching (less reload), private messaging, and more. All these features are accessible in just a few simple taps.

Showing New and Unread Thread with Avatar and Number of reply:

Images in a thread are converted to thumbnails and allow full-screen viewing

Ability to see Who’s Online and what they are doing:

Ability to search by topics and posts:

Ability to upload images directly from Android and iPhone!:

Check out http://www.tapatalk.com for more information!

*********************************** End of Tapatalk Info *************************************

If you try it, please post here and let us know how it works.

Okay, this is cool! Can now read posts anywhere. I will never get any work done now. Great job Jay!

By the way I sent that from my iphone. I can see a whole new level of battery life depletion.

I guess that would be billb?

hé hé hé


Yep, and he did a really convincing job telling me how much the Community members were going to want it. :slight_smile:

You should definitely give us a review once you’ve used it for a few days. I’m curious to hear how it works out.

when did your animate your avatar?

I like it! :mrgreen:

Jay, isn’t there a version of that avatar where the head explodes? And can we mortals do animated gifs for avatars?

I can’t take credit for the animation. I got it at Free-Avatars.com. The one I picked out initially was animated, but when I resized it on their site they gave me a static one. I figured out what happened yesterday and replaced the static one with the animated one to get the effect I intended.

:laughing: If there were one where the head explodes, I didn’t see it. I would love that! Now you’ve got me thinking about making one. Yes, you can download animated GIFs as avatars or make your own and use them. Most full-featured photo editors like Photoshop and GIMP allow you to roll your own animated GIFs.


I tried a few, yesterday, and it works fine


For those of you with Windows Mobile phones, a developer has built a Tapatalk app called RapidRead for Windows Mobile 6.x that is free while still in beta. You can find out more at the developer’s site.

According to Tapatalk, the next version of Tapatalk will have native support on iPad (and iPad 2). No more “2x” mode with pixelated interface. If you have already purchased the Tapatalk Forum App on iPhone, you will be able to sync it with your iPad for free. The iPad version will arrive around the second or third week of March pending Apple approval. I’ll post more here when I hear about it.

Thanks Jay! I’m in Jury duty this week…

Tapatalk for BlackBerry is now available on BlackBerry App World according to Tapatalk News for those of you that are BlackBerry users:

“BlackBerry users rejoice! Abandoned, Restarted and Rewritten, Tapatalk for BlackBerry finally made it to App World and CrackBerry App Store. This app is currently featured by CrackBerry.com, the world largest BlackBerry users community, listed for $2.99US only. For App World users you can also download our app at BlackBerry App World for $3.99US.”

I just received the following notice from Tapatalk for those of you who may have Samsung Galaxy Tablets:

Tapatalk for GALAXY Tab released, exclusively on Samsung Apps

We are pleased to release a special version of Tapatalk for Samsung GALAXY Tab. Tapatalk for Tablet is our first product built specifically for Android tablets and is available on Samsung Apps > for free for a limited time> , works on GALAXY Tab 8.9 and GALAXY Tab 10.1.

I don’t like to advertise for anyone, but the “free for a limited time” offer made it seem worth passing along in case we have any Cougar fans who have Samsung Galaxy Tablets and want to try Tapatalk for the forum.

just want to let you Android users know that Tapatalk has come out with Tapatalk 2 for the Android platform. Existing Tapatalk users can get a free upgrade to Tapatalk 2 from Google or the Amazon App Store.