The Flea Market

OK, I’m not one that loves a good flea market, but when we were out and about today looking for a new car for the woman we passed by the local indoor/outdoor flea market. We thought it would be fun to see what kind of crap people buy and sell so we went on in to check it out. Yes! I found a Hot Wheels booth! Right away I found a Caribbean Blue '68 Cougar. Of course the guy selling the stuff quickly produced 5 more. Six Cougar Hot Wheels for $14. Oh, and there was a wolf in the building…no really! A WOLF! He had a muzzle on but was actually a quite sweet animal. Maybe next time there’ll be a Mountain Lion!

Nice score Grant :thumbup: . There’s a FM (formerly a Mongomery Ward’s store)not far from me. I’m gonna have to check it out sometime. John