The "HOW TO" Video thread

Okay, I just watched the video that shows how to replace the bearing in the AC idler pulley. I hate to admit the number of these I have thrown away because I didn’t think you could fix them. DOH! And then there was that video that shows how to fix cowl vents through the side of the inner fender… but where did I find that one?

So I decided to create a thread where we can collect these great videos.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth… spending the time to watch!

This first one solves one of the biggest mysteries ever, how to get the trunk lock cover off a '67 or '68!

The '67 and '68 Cowl Vent Repair video!

Yes, I know this is Mustang guy, but the exact same process works on our Cougars.

The Idler Pulley Replacement video.

The very first part, where they show you how to get to the bearing, makes this worth watching.

How to Bench Bleed the Master Cylinder.

A lot of people think the original brakes on their classic Cougar are just horrible. About half the time it is because the master cylinder was not properly bench bled and there is still air trapped inside it. This video will open some eyes to this very important and often over looked step.

Good idea Bill! And if I may, I just finished uploading our latest little how-to video. It’s about the passenger side sport mirrors (manual adjust, found on 70 Eliminators and 71-3 Cougars). They tend to get loose & floppy over the years. You can opt to just buy the complete mirror and back plate / socket assembly, which will solve the problem easily, or you can follow the steps in the video to “fix” your original FoMoCo socket and just buy a new mirror lens (or reuse your old one if you manage to get it off without breaking it.)

Blitz, THANKS! please post up all of the “how to” videos you guys have done.

Any one can post to this thread. Lets keep the videos here in the “HOW TO” category, lets make sure that any cats in these videos have four wheels and run on gasoline.

I just started a thread because of a helpful pilot bearing video, but I didn’t see that you had already started this thread for posting how-to videos.

How to replace the pilot bearing using bread (this one is on a sbf 302). I just got through doing this method and it worked great - easy to do and easy to clean up.

New video just added - how to install a 67-68 passenger side door mirror (the repro one) and a couple ways to install the necessary Riv Nuts.

In some areas (like up here), a driver and a passenger side mirror means you don’t have to have the windshield rear view mirror.

Another great video on a project I’m looking forward to, but… the hardest part is catching you guys at the right time when the convex mirror is in stock. Don explained the process to me, I’ll just have to react quicker next time. For what seems like such a simple project you sure pointed out a lot of things I wasn’t aware of. Thanks again.

All of em?!! Okay… I’ll just skip the ones you already posted.

These first two were shot before I started working at WCCC, which is probably why they are so terrible. :gaptooth: But Don sent the footage to me and I did a basic edit. In any case, these 2 videos are about the 67-68 grille, and contain some good tips and tricks for troubleshooting and replacing actuators, straightening the grille alignment, etc. We hope to someday re-visit this subject and do a better job.

Next up, how to replace the horn switch on a 1970-1974 Rim Blow steering wheel:

Next, a video dedicated to the 1967 headlight vacuum solenoid (unique to 1967)

Next up, one that I think is one of out better contributions to the classic FoMoCo information you can find online - the “Numbers Matching” video. This video delves into all the significant numbers on a 1969 428 CJ convertible, but most of the information applies to other years and models too. Took a lot of research and extra time to put together… I didn’t want to mess it up and get anything wrong! Also, I gotta say it was pretty cool to meet Kevin Marti and hear him say he thought this video was great. But anyway, enough blabbering.

Next up, how to rebuild the distribution block and proportioning valve on a 68-69 Cougar / Mustang etc equipped with power disc brakes.

Next, how to install a carpet. We used a mass-backed carpet kit with extra sound deadening bonded to the bottom… good stuff.

Next, how to install a hood stripe decal. This is pretty specific, because it deals with the 1969 428 CJ hood stripe. But I suppose the concepts would apply to the 1970 Eliminator hood stripe too… and the 1969 351 Performance Group stripe… etc.

Next is my infamous video showing how to replace a rusty roof skin / sheet metal on my '68. Same basic concepts apply to the other years too.

Next, how to rebuild your door hinges with new pins and bushings.

This one is about replacing your rear view mirror lens. We have a restoration / exchange service where you send in your old ugly lens and we send you a nice re-silvered one.

Next is another 1967-specific video, on how to replace the emblem and trim ring on the steering wheel center pad. This was prompted by the new reproduction emblems that came to be.

This next one was prompted by the reproduction 67-68 opera light lenses (a.k.a. rear courtesy lights) that we reproduced with Bill (thanks Bill!). We wanted to show that the wiring for these lights is already in place in every 67-68 Cougar, and that the installation is fairly easy. This video shows how to do it!

Next, a video that took a while to complete from start to finish. It’s a gnarly job that everybody dreads: heater core replacement. In this case, on a 1969 Cougar with air conditioning. The other thing about this video that has proven useful is that is shows a lot of the disassembly of the dash, going all the way from fully assembled, to removing the entire upper and lower dash. Maybe if you watch it backwards, it will show you how to reassemble the dash. But anyways, the main focus is on replacing the heater core and servicing the heater box. Also discussed is the A/C evaporator core.

This next one is almost not worth posting, just because it’s more of a “custom” type of thing, but some may find it useful. It shows how to apply our vinyl woodgrain decal on a faded original 1968 steering wheel center.

Next up is a video that is really more of an informational video than a how-to video. It’s about the anodized aluminum trim pieces, how we get them restored, how you should send in your cores, what kind of damage is acceptable or not, etc.

Next, how to install a convertible top with a couple of Mexicans. Actually this is a pretty complex job, so we’re glad we did this video. Applies specifically to 1969-1970 Cougar / Mustang… basic concepts apply to other cars too.

In a kind of similar vein, here’s how to install a headliner. This was done on my '68 Cougar.

Now we have a video about a cheaper alternative to the pricey restored (or even worse, NOS) wheel lip mouldings for a 1967-1968 Cougar. How to modify and install repro 71-3 Mustang mouldings to fit.

Next up, another informational video about our bumper rechroming service, core matching, how to send us your cores, what kind of damage they can have, etc.

This one is a quick, simple video showing how to remove the pivot pin on a tilt steering column, which will enable you to take the column apart for servicing. 1967-1969.

Next up is a video with some consumer advice: what to look for when buying a classic convertible. Don goes over a 1970 Cougar convertible with a fine-toothed comb, focusing mainly on structural integrity, previous damage and subsequent bodywork, etc. This will be very helpful for many of you who are in the market for a classic Cougar, or any old car for that matter. It’s better to know everything up front and negotiate on the price, than it is to find stuff out later…

That’s all for now! More coming soon. I’ll try to remember to throw 'em in this thread when they become available. Oh and by the way, you can always stay up to date on our newest videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Or you can just check back periodically. The TV icon in my signature will take you there too.

I have watched quite a few of this guy’s videos. They are VERY helpful! I just used the how to change a headlight switch video a few weeks ago…so simple even a Mustang guy can do it! (Of course they don’t have those pesky vaccuum hoses to contend with)

Another mirror video this time How to Repair the '69 to '73 right hand sport mirror. I think that the mirror actually first appeared on the '70 Cougar Eliminator so some times I hear these called Eliminator Mirrors.

Today I’m pleased to finally share the front suspension upgrade video we did on my car months ago. This video shows some of the easy ways you can improve the stiffness of your chassis, how you can reinforce your shock towers to prevent cracks, and a brief segment with yours truly showing how to install new coil springs (and ruin a perfectly good flannel shirt in the process). Watch on YouTube

Here is a video I did on restoring 71-73 XR-7 pillar and grill emblems.

This needs to be updated… here are some more “How To” videos we’ve done since the last ones I posted.

How to convert your 67 / 68 hideaway headlights to the new electric motor system:

67 - 68 Cougar Buying Guide - things to look at when evaluating a classic Cougar for purchase.

Comprehensive repair guide for the 1969 (and early 70) glue-in glass. Also applies to Mustang. Lots of information here.

Turn signal canceling cam replacement. Many applications for this video. Good way to save money if you don’t want to replace the entire turn signal switch.

Finally, our most recent one, how to replace the backer boards on your door panels.

Window Regulator (For A Mustang, but still applies).
More can be found here:

I had to refer to this video last night to help install this lock mechanism. I would be still be struggling with it today if I hadn’t seen this video! Thank you! Flipping the latch inside the decklid made sense to get to the nut behind the latch once I saw it in the video, but I couldn’t think of it on my own. This video saved my evening last night. Thank you! :thumbup:

New tech video about sloppy steering! In this one, we look at a bunch of different Cougars and diagnose the various factors that can cause loose / vague steering.

Watch on YouTube

Don and Andrew great job on the videos. I forgot about this thread. I searched online for ways to get my front springs out on Top Cat. I saw a picture of the spring compressor tool on a Mustang forum so I made my own. Your front end rebuild video would have been a great help with dis-assembly. I did get some great tips from the video and I will have to do them before I start reassembly. The first being the shock tower reinforcing plates. I’ll mock up a template today and get those in place before my spring perches arrive from WCCC’s in the next couple of days. Again thanks guys. :thumbup: