The New Seat Covers are on!

Old seats.

Re-upholstered Seats

Now to get to that heater core…

Seats look GREAT!!

Nice work. I have taken my seats out and am awaiting new saddle covers. Any tips or lessons learned? I have new foam already plus a hog ring kit.

Those look very good! Nice work. I wish my foam was not garbage otherwise I would be more willing to go back to original.

I will come clean, I did not re-skin the seats I had a Shop do it.

I got everything together, Skins, foam, burlap etc. Then, after watching just about every youtube video on the subject I pulled the backs off the seats looked at how they were put together, then decided I did not have the skills for this. I wasn’t about to ruin the investment in the skins and correct foam.
The shop completely underestimated the labor also, Guy quoted 2 hours a seat. When I picked them up, he told me it took his guy almost a full day to do the first one, we settled for 3 hours per seat. I am so glad I didn’t try to do it myself.

Nice! If you take some glamour shots when your interior is complete we could use them on our site! We have nothing at present…

I did my 70 fronts last month. It was a bit of work but do-able for sure. I learnt to use good quality hog rings, mine are from Eastwood but I’m sure other venders sell the same ones. I used weld rods about the same thickness as coat hangers for new listing rods. I did put in extra listing rods in the foam grooves hog ringed them to the base, then used the rods in the upholstry material and hog ringed them to the base and foam listing wire. Maybe overkill but turned out good.

It was my first time doing upholstry but it turned out well. I used a hair drier to soften the vinyl a bit to work it over the foam nicely, just takes some time and muscle but can be done. Take photos of how the original stuff was hog ringed for reference. If you can get a good deal at an upholstry shop go that route the shop here quoted me $1100 to recover my 2 seats even with me giving them the new foam and skins, I thought that was a bit ridicules.