The November 2019 Ride of the Month is PhilS Purple R Code Convertible

Well after emailing and sending private messages, I never heard anything from PhilS but thankfully he did a pretty good job on his build thread. The really great thing about the internet is that we can always add more content. So if PhilS makes it back to the site we can always update the article.

Here is what we know from his build thread.

While we don’t have enough information to really know if this was a Rocky Mountain Insurnace car, we do know that the original paint color appears to be the same purple. I think this is the only example of a painted over build sheet I have ever seen. This is an important detail because special order paint colors were not recorded.

In March of 2018 the body was ready for paint

Just in time for Easter the paint was applied

Fenders, doors and extensions all installed and ready for assembly to begin

Cobra Jet power, C6 Automatic and 9 inch rear end installed by mid June

Reassembly is the reverse of dismantling is probably the biggest understatement in automotive world. The process goes on.

Installing the new convertible top is a major bench mark towards completion.

As Christmas approached the punch list was growing much shorter.

Getting closer! Lots of detail finished and done.

By May of 2019 it was done.

Hopefully PhilS will get back to us with some more information.

Yes, hopefully lots more to come.

That is such an unusual and significant Cougar!

  • Phillip

Very neat: congrats Phil on an outstanding resto. Thx Bill for putting this together for our viewing pleasure.

Beautiful car, I look forward to reading more about it.

Congratulations, Phil. With that being said, this is now the second time I have nominated someone that didn’t respond to the win. There will not be a 3rd screw up on my part, so no more nominations from me. :wall:

COUGRR keep on picking them. I just need to learn to not get my panties in a wad when some one doesn’t step up. The cars are what its all about, don’t blame the car…