The Strangest Cougar Sale Advertisement?

The Strangest Cougar Sale Advertisement? Calling it the Murder Cougar Edition. They murdered the color change for sure. Going from red to black and still being able to see red in areas. They also murdered the bumper alignments, but then again that might be why they used blurry pictures. To me it’s just a strange way to sell a car but I do wish them well on the sale.

It’s just used car salesman hype. Looks like a '67 to me. Red looks to me to be a reflection off the floor. As you say, good luck with the sale. Someone will have a nice, rust-free kitty, hopefully at a negotiated price.

I saw that, too, and mostly just shook my head… Will have to admit, though, that the headlight treatment is innovative.

The red can be seen in the pic of the roll bar…right in front of the rear window, interior metal, and up top by the drip rail…

I taught you well Mo. :poke:

I’m pretty sure this same seller had a 69 a couple of years ago with the same “murder” triple black look… The checkered floor for the pic’s is a dead giveaway… Personally, I am not much of a fan of the painted bumpers look and the aftermarket mirrors stick out like sore thumbs…


Not strange Steven, pretty sure it’s just an obscure (to some) reference from a car on the Street Outlaws TV program:

“Murdered” / “murdered out” is just common automotive slang for a car that has been all blacked out.

In this case it’s an apt term to use…

All except those grille bars…don’t know why they stopped without blacking those out.

Ok cool. That is a new one to me. That term hasn’t made it to my area yet.

I can see your point Bob. I always thought that “Murder Nova” was called that because it was killing the competition.

Well guys I have learned something new today. :smiley:

Can’t say I was overly aware myself Steven but the few episodes of SO’s I watched before I dumped the whole series of recordings as not worth the time to watch them made me somewhat familiar with the Nova. I sort of put the black and murder thing together - as Blitz pointed out.

At least it’s not a nose-heavy boat!

I hope it comes with a 50 hour detailing coupon cause that’s what it’s gonna take. Why would you ever advertise a car without proper cleaning and detailing? Especially a black car. I’ve never understood that. And this seller is a dealer…

I had the same thought. A lot of people need to rethink how they post pictures and overall detail of the car before listing. It would help with a quicker sale and bring more money for most sellers if done properly.