The year of the 429CJ Cougar at Auction!

This car sold at Russo and Steel in 2009 for I beleive approx 98000.00. I know the car well - I helped rescue it from its state of dissassembly for a previous owner. It actually was I beleive the 2nd 429CJ Conv built and was at the Las Vegas Auto Show. I don’t mind that it is not an XR7 other than the standard dash is very plain when you are use to the XR7 dash. Could there be more 429CJs that show up???

One thing to keep in mind of the 448 cars built only 75 serial numbers have been accounted for. If you take restored or operable cars that is reduced to 50 or so?

BTW - The current owner has added the Styled steel wheels - the show cars came with blue running cat wheel covers - but for show the trim rings can be easily switched out for the wheel covers. This car also has an electric seat added which while availble was not on the car. It really has virtually has about every option available on the car. Tilt/am-8track/pw/pwr st/4sp/track loc/console/delay wipers/ram-air/the wsw tires are correct for the car.

What is meant by two eminger invoices - the show cars had a “show circut” invoice and a retail invoice that showed the pricing.

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First link posted in thread doesn’t work (as Harry pointed out). Also, you have duplicates threads posted. That said, nice! (per Gry’s picture)

Beautiful car :thumbup: