This is a Barn Find to beat all Barn Finds!

Jerry Heasley did a great job on the video. The car is amazing. Look for an article in the next issue of Muscle Car Review.

Very touching, kind of like letting go of a family member. Congratulations Jim!

Neat video. Good to see it going to a good home. It looks like there is a part 2 to the video. Has that been posted yet? Congrats Jim.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Thanks for sharing :joy:

Please share all of the details.
Original Radiator?
Type, date?

Looks like a flat top air cleaner lid if original!

What’s your plan with the car?
Clean-up, or full restoration?

Great Find

The gentleman did not look real happy about this. But you have to love the lady and the stores she was telling. I was over at Jim Pinkerton’s last Sunday and he was showing us his book on it and telling us what he and Royce are doing to get it back to a runner.

That’s wonderful, literally made me mist up.

Love the hat Royce!

Obviously, it couldn’t go to a better/more qualified owner.

Wonder what the story with the engine is and looks like a homemade ram air setup.

  • Phillip

The original engine is going to be ready soon. Jim can tell more about it than I can. This car is going to be very special.

Its about time Jim was behind the wheel of another GTE! Great video, thanks for sharing.

Awesome find! The video was well done too. I felt sad for the original owners, but it’s definitely going to the best possible new owner. Looking forward to updates! Congrats Jim, and well done Royce.

BTW Royce, in order for the video to show up properly here you need to delete “” so it’s just the video code “fC0y2r0Fpck” in between the [YouTube][/YouTube] brackets. Hope that makes sense.

Same color combination as my GT-E… Very nice find and a great story…

Gotcha, glad someone explained that!

Link is not working.

I think Royce left out a letter of the code when he edited it… here’s a direct link:

Thanks, that is a great video.

Congratulations, Royce!


Great find and Royce did a great job on the vid…can’t wait to get one for me.

Very cool thanks for sharing! Congratulations.

FYI and Thanks to all those who have sent congrats on buying this GT-E. Once the car gets to me I’ll be spending a significant amount of time assessing the situation. My initial approach will be to clean it up, fix all mechanical, maintenance, etc. and bring it back to a “survivor” category car. I’m hoping that my aesthetic bent will allow me to keep it that way, rather than undergo a full restoration. In any event, it will make an excellent candidate for a full restoration should I decide to go that way. The original engine is being rebuilt in a machine shop down in Texas and will be shipped up to me when completed. The car itself is still at Royce’s place and should be picked up by the car hauler in the next several weeks, I hope.

**Royce enters, stage right…

"Engine? What engine? GT-E? What GT-E? Haven’t seen one. Nope, wasn’t me. :naughty: " :laughing:

Congrats, Mr. Pinkerton! It’s in good hands with Royce, I’m sure!

Congrats gents, and thanks for bringing the car and the story to light.